Caturday #2: Cowtastrophe!

Post-Christmas napsToday’s Caturday offering is The Cows. Elly is on the left, and Noby is on the right. This photo was taken around Christmas 2005, which made them about 5 months old. They really haven’t changed all that much – right down to the snuggling together for naps.

As you can tell, they’re littermates.  We found them about three streets over in our neighborhood as small kittens (approx. 6-7 weeks old), following their mom down the sidewalk toward U.S. Route 1.  Both were in very bad shape – stomach worms, fleas, ear mites, conjunctivitis (and an underlying herpes infection that continues to plague Noby in particular).  We were able to get them easily, but their mom ran away.  We honestly weren’t sure if they’d survive that first night.  Nearly six years later, and they’re doing great.

We have a lot of Elly and Noby clones in our neighborhood – it’s apparently the dominant feral colony coat pattern.  Oddly I don’t see a lot of calicos, but I’ve seen so many white and orange spotted cats.

Happy Caturday!

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