International Hermit & Stitch Weekend Pt. 1

So far, it’s been a busy but fun weekend. Erich is working all weekend thanks to a huge personnel move to new quarters (hooray, OT!), so our schedules are a little weird.

Yesterday morning I had a great time stitching with the other members of the Rhode Island Stitchers group, including a couple of new women who I hope will return. The library is much quieter in the summer, but it’s been a boon to our group – we were sitting at only 4-6 members for quite a while, and the last three months have been great with upwards of 12-15 every time.  It’s wonderful to see all of the different projects everyone’s working – we all have different interests and tastes, even though there’s also quite a bit of overlap.

Afterwards, I drove Matt to work at Battleground in Plainville.  Since Erich and I had evening tickets for the final Harry Potter movie at Patriot’s Place in Foxboro, I decided to stay at the store and relax rather than drive back home.  I’m about a week late in sending off Linda’s piece for the 2010 RR, and so I’m frantically trying to get the final stitches in before I mail off on Monday.  Catherine, who I send to for this robin, has been out of state on vacation, and if I mail it to her on Monday, it should arrive shortly after she returns home.  So really, it’s not a huge deal that I’m late, but it’s still annoying me.

Anyway, I got some good stitching in on the piece yesterday.  I have perhaps another 100 stitches to go, and then I can package Linda’s up for the mail.  Photos will come later today.  🙂  I’m also going to get some work done on the 2011 round robin piece for Tali – which is Mirabilia’s Sleeping Beauty.  That’s due to be mailed on Friday, and I think I’ll be in good shape to plunk my hours in before then.

Erich and I decided to treat ourselves to the fancy seats at the theater for Harry Potter.  The Showcase cinema at Patriot Place has a Lux Level, which is a 21+ seating area with very comfy leather seats, in-seat dining and a full bar.  The tickets themselves are a bit outrageous, but the food is priced reasonably – especially for a movie theater, and the drinks are good.  The seats in particular are great – they’re wide (great for my plus-sized butt), with a small swing-arm table for your drinks and food, and there is a center elbow rest between each set of two seats that goes up, so Erich and I were able to cuddle on our own little loveseat in the theater.  The only thing missing is an elevated foot rest.

The movie was… okay.  I don’t know.  My feelings on it are really mixed.  I think if I’d never read the books, I’d be very pleased, but I admit to being disappointed.  I don’t like all of the scene rewrites made for the movie (especially after part 1, where the movie did stick quite well to the book), and I felt the pace was really, really rushed for absolutely no reason.  It’s the shortest Harry Potter movie, and frankly it shows – it felt flat and rushed and almost like a checklist of scenes with no depth in the vast majority of them.  I haven’t liked Yates’ style since he took over the franchise – it’s really just a shame that he’s on record as stating he doesn’t like long movies – it’s pretty clear he’s more interested in time than quality.  Huge plot holes everywhere, including items that WERE brought up in book one that just get erased in book 2.  I expected to be emotional, as it’s a very emotional story.  I was crying when I read the book.  I just sat there in stunned silence during the latter half of the movie, and was honestly rather angry when I left, especially by the last ten minutes or so.   Maybe that will change when I see parts 1 and 2 together – but yeah, I thought the final movie was such a huge letdown.  It didn’t need to be – if it had actually stuck to the book, it would have been fantastic.

So today while Erich’s at work I’m doing some projects around the house.  I’m about to get the first loads of laundry in.  I have some cleaning to do, and then I’ll get to work on some stitching.

Hope you’re having a good weekend.  Stay tuned for another entry this evening, including a new stitchy giveaway!  🙂

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  1. Julie Nemitz says:

    Glad you had a good IHSW.  Can’t wait to see your progress piccys.  Glad to have found a new blog to follow!!!!

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