A weekend in which Bast came to say “OH HAI!”

I actually had hoped to do some blogging over my long vacation weekend, but Erich and I got sidetracked by sometime completely unexpected.  Well- okay, unexpected, but all of our friends are undoubtedly rolling their eyes and saying that this is par for the course for us.

Friday evening, Erich and Matt come in the door looking a bit… sheepish.  In Matt’s arms was a tiny bundle of fur.

(and yes… if you know us at all, you know what comes next)

Melissa and Erich roll their will saves, and each roll a one (translation for the non-geek among us… we fail at resisting the kitten cuteness.  Horribly)




Now. Have I mentioned before that we already are owned by six?

So at first, it’s a big “okay… we’ll keep an eye out for lost kitten signs in the neighborhood.”

None appear.

Erich sends a photo of the kitten to Lisa, who immediately replies that it’s the same cat she and I saw a couple weeks ago that went scurrying into our bushes when we pulled into the driveway.  I truly can’t recall what said cat looked like, but do remember seeing one.

Hmm. Well, that may cause problems with the lost cat theory. Our neighborhood has a fairly significant feral/stray population. So much so that three of our six? Are neighborhood adoptees.

So then it becomes “Well, if it’s staying, then it has to be Matt’s cat.”  Forcing the roommate to adopt it means it’s not ours, right?  Right?

So goes the weekend.   The kitten spends the weekend in our sunroom, which has been used as a good isolation room before. (WTF is it with August and September and cat findings with us?) On Monday, Erich and Matt take him to the vet to get him checked out, the first round of vaccinations, make sure we don’t have any illnesses to worry about exposing the other cats to, etc … and he gets a clean bill of health.  He weighs 3.1 pounds.  We estimate him at about 10-12 weeks old.

Introductions to the other cats and the house have commenced, and overall they’re going okay – nothing to worry about, actually.  Lots of growling and some hissing for boundary establishment, but nothing nasty.  Colley is all sorts of “get off my lawn” about him.  Elly isn’t thrilled either.  Gus is fascinated and has done a little romping with him.  Hoodz is just confused.  Noby seems honestly terrified by him (despite being three times his size).  Fizzy… well, she isn’t a cat’s cat.  She was never going to approve of this situation, but will tolerate him if he leaves her alone.

So it looks like he’s staying.

Baby Jack on 9-13-11

May I introduce little Jack.  (with the last name of Sparrow or Harkness, both of which apply very well to him).

We’re so doomed.

Stitching updates tomorrow.  I need to solve the Mirabilia Round of Doom before I post.

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  1. Ewa says:

    Oh, gosh, adorable! Boyfriend and I want to get a kitten and a puppy but since we’re both living with our respective parents at the moment (commence laughing) that won’t happen until we’re settled. Absolutely adorable. I want to steal him.

  2. Claireej says:

    How long until you just call him Captain? He looks so sweet but will be rulig the roost very soon.
    Welcome to your new addition 🙂 x

  3. Maria says:

    Cats are great. My sister had 6 cats when a kitten literally fell into through the window. He looks like a wild lynx in minisize and ofcourse “mama” couldn´t say no…She stills has 6 cats unfortunately the only girlcat got sick and died. The oldest is soon 20 years old but hold the fortress even though he is a bit confused as old people tend to be.

  4. Margaret says:

    Aww, but how could you resist?  He’s soooo adorable!  You really have a houseful now, don’t you?  😀  Love him!  Congratulations!

  5. Johanna says:

    I wish I could have a cat, too =(
    I have an allergy, so I can’t have one… It usually goes well with em and cats (some friends of mine have cats) but I tend to find their hairs in my eyes, which isn’t so good (but my face would be perfect for Halloween!)
    Anyway, that cat is just to cute!! =)

  6. Mouse says:

    awwww well they do say the cats choose their owners ..lol and he is sooooo cute and the name suits him too 🙂 love mouse xxxx

  7. Rebekah says:

    What a pretty boy! Ihave always found that the cats (and dogs for that matter) that show up and pretty much adopt you make the best pets. I miss my kitties and I would probably have at least one but my dogs aren’t cat friendly.

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