My stitching has thrown a curve ball at me

Floral Bellpull progress as of 9-25-11Before I go onto my news – I finally managed to get some stitching time in on my Floral Bellpull this year!  I’ve joined the Love4Stitching group on Yuku, where a number of different designers have SALs scheduled on a set of standardized days every month.  The 21st through 25th was Teresa Wentzler projects.

It was good to sit down with it for a few days.  I’m happy with what I got done.  I’ve nearly completed the actual crosses on this square.  I’ll finish the backstitching before I move onto the next one.  Morning Glory is the fourth of six – so I’m making good progress, and I think there will be a finish in the first quarter of next year on this one.  (If I didn’t have ornaments to stitch, I might say this year!)

I’ll feel quite proud when this one is done.

Through the rest of the month there is a SAL for HAED projects.  I was going to pull out my Muse of the Midnight Sun, but then something very funny happened today…

With no plans whatsoever, I was invited to go to Stitcher’s Hideaway in mid-October!  I’ll be joining Lisa and her mom, Kathy, for a two-day class with Jeannette Douglas in Mystic, CT.   Lisa’s sister was unfortunately unable to get the time off from work, and since all of her fees are already paid, Kathy invited me to take the spot.

I guess it was fate – I wasn’t able to afford it and had decided to hold off and save my money for the alumni retreat in March.  As it stands, I probably will be commuting to the classes rather than stay at the hotel to save some money.  Providence to Mystic is just under an hour, and that’s shorter than my normal commute to work (by quite a bit), so it’ll be an easy drive.

So that’s changed my stitching plans for the next few weeks by quite a bit.  Rather than my HAED, I’ll be focusing in on the Mirabilia RR so I can get her mailed off before the retreat weekend.  There’s also going to be a fall-themed ornament exchange at Hideaway, so I’m going to attempt to get one done.

I also did something a bit crazy on Friday afternoon and jumped into what will be my first Chatelaine stitch.  I decided to join Rachel (and I imagine others who I know from stitching & blogging) in the Mystery Mandala XV starting in January called Deep Blue Sea.  As I said – first Chatelaine design.  It will also be the first time I’ve ever done any sort of mystery stitch, so I’m quite excited.  Since it’s one of the mandalas, I know it’s going to be gorgeous.  Since it’s themed to the sea, I know it will have some gorgeous blues in it, with likely greens and flashes of brights.  I will not be kitting it exactly as suggested.  DMC will be heavily used with perhaps a few more expensive threads as I can afford them.

It’s midnight, so I need to get to bed.  TUSAL tomorrow!

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  1. Veronica Ong says:

    Wonderful stitching on Floral Bellpull. Love the purples of morning glories. Oooh… That’s great news. Be sure to have loads of fun during the retreat! As for Deep Blue Sea… I saw the sneak preview and I gotta say I’m tempted… very, very tempted… LOL!

  2. Rachel says:

    Your Floral Bellpull looks amazing!  You managed some really great progress on it 🙂

    I am so excited for you about the Mystic Retreat!  What a wonderful surprise!  One of these days I am going to try to make it to one.  I hope they keep happening, because I will probably have to wait until the kids are a little older. 

    I am very excited to start the Chatelaine Mystery!  It will be my first ever mystery project!  I wonder how I will handle it…I am an obsessive person when it comes to comparing to the chart model picture!!!

  3. Mouse says:

    oooo well done and great news re the retreat and way to go on the mystery chatelaine 🙂 my fav colours too 🙂 love mouse xxxx

  4. sue61408 says:

    Beautiful stitching! Amazing news on the retreat! Hope you enjoy it.  I’m leaning towards the 2012 Chatelaine mystery.  It is so amazing to watch them grow.  I have stitched most of the recent ones with the DMC conversion and they have all turned out beautifully. 

  5. Hipgrammy2003 says:

    Your Morning Glories are beautiful!!  I love the new header picture – so fallish!  What I have seen of the Chatelaine designs, this one has to be beautiful and the color scheme fantastic.  I could never do  one, but I will love watching yours grow!

  6. Rahenna says:

    Is there a teaser pic of the mystery design anywhere?  I poked around the Chatelaine forum and didn’t see one, but I’m really curious.  I love ocean designs and I’d like to do one of these crazy things eventually… was thinking about the new butterfly one, but if this one is prettier… :p

  7. Johanna says:

    Floral Bellpull is amazing =) Sooo lovely =)

    I hope you enjoy a fantastic time in October and I am looking forward to see your work on both MirabiliaRR and the Mystery Mandala =)
    Chatelaine designs are always breathtaking =)

  8. maureen q says:

    Hope you enjoy your retreat – sounds fab, and there is nothing crazy about taking on a chatelaine, they are just a bit more challenging lol! (that’s a polite way of describing them..)

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