2012 WIPocalypse

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Main Page

Due to the incredible interest in the Wipocalypse, I’m organizing the pages a bit so the actual signup page is a cleaned-up entry (it was getting a bit lengthy).

Signups for the official participant list closed as of 11:59 p.m. on January 15, 2012. ¬†If you missed the signups, don’t dispair – you are welcome to participate with us, check in, share your progress, etc. ¬†Only eligibility for the stash draw at the end of the year is affected. ¬†So please – JOIN US!

This section of pages includes:

Looking to check in with your progress, or see what everyone else has been doing?

December (last one!!)CURRENT POST


Basic Info

This will be a SAL for fun, not a contest.¬†¬†Everyone stitches at a different pace, on different sized projects, with different goals and concepts of accomplishment, so a standard set of one-size-fits-all rules simply won’t work. ¬†So whether you’re a one-at-a-time stitcher or an insane rotationer like me, ¬†gather up the UFOs and WIPs on which you’d love to make good progress (or finish) and join us.

Here are the rules for the 2012 Wipocalypse:

1)  To sign up, leave a comment on this post with your blog address. International bloggers are welcome.

2) Sometime shortly before the start of 2012, make a list of the projects you will be focusing on. Add to and adjust this list throughout the year as you desire.  There are no restrictions regarding new starts for this SAL.  If you feel the desire to start a piece in 2012, add it to your list!

3) On each full moon (or thereabouts),¬†post¬†your progress photos to your site – even if your progress was slower than you hoped. ¬†Label that post with “WIPocalypse” to make it easy for me to find.

4) Once you’ve posted, come over to my blog and find my full moon post, and¬†comment¬†that you’ve updated. ¬†I will create a check-in list of URLs each month for easy blog surfing so fellow participants and readers can cheer you on.

Why is it important to post each month even if you’ve made little progress?¬†¬†You’ll earn one chance, per status post, for a giveaway drawing to be done on New Year’s Day, 2013!¬†¬†I don’t want to discourage folks who may have issues that prevent them from posting for a month and force them to give up entirely on the SAL, but I also want to reward those who do check in every month.

What will be in the drawing?¬†¬†Honestly, I’m not sure yet! ¬†That will be determined throughout 2012 as I add to the box during my trips to my local LNS. ¬†If you’d like to contribute to the box, email me (address below) and I’ll send you my address. Clean, unmarked charts (respect copyright – no photocopies!), finished items, new floss skeins, fabric, etc. are all welcome. ¬†If you have other ideas for a contribution, drop me an email to discuss.

Full moon dates for 2012:
January 9
February 7
March 8
April 6
May 5
June 4
July 3
August 1
August 31
September 29
October 29
November 28
December 28


Other Helpful Things...

Reminder Mailing List: ¬†If you’d like to receive an email reminder about the posting dates, please go HERE and fill out this form. ¬†I’ll send out an email 5 days before the posting date to remind everyone.

Message Board: Want to chat more extensively about your projects, about other crafty things you have going on, or just have more interaction with your fellow WIPocalypse stitchers? ¬†We have a discussion forum! ¬†It’s free to join and all are welcome. ¬†Non-participants are welcome, too!

Sidebar Buttons:¬† Thanks to the amazingly talented Rahenna, we have linky buttons! (If you’re not familiar with the piece featured in the buttons, it’s Dragon Rampart from Teresa Wentzler). ¬†You’re not required to have one of these on your blog, but please feel free to grab one of them for either your sidebar or your check-in posts!

To use the button to the left (88 wide x 31 high), copy and paste the following code:

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Here is the participant list so far for the 2012 Wipocalypse as of the final update (16 January 2012).   No new names will be added to the list below.

If you need to update your link to a new blog address, please contact me at measiwitch(at)gmail.com with your number on the list and your new blog URL.


  1. Measi’s Musings¬†(Measi)
  2. stitchstitchknit (Johanna)
  3. Therapy by Thread (Blu)
  4. Obsessive Cross Stitcher (Nicola)
  5. Stitchitandie (Andie)
  6. Adrienne’s Cross Stitch & Crafting Adventures¬†(Adrienne)
  7. bla. bla? bla! (Nina)
  8. Does the noise in my head bother you? (Rachel)
  9. Crafty Rahenna (Rahenna)
  10. Annette’s Acre¬†(Annette)
  11. Scully’s Cross Stitching¬†(Kim)
  12. Come Stitch With Me (Rachel)
  13. Mel’s Place¬†(Melinda)
  14. Stitchy Stitches (Jacqui)
  15. Creative Stitches (Linda)
  16. Kris’ Stitches¬†(Kris)
  17. Serendipitous Stitching (Joanne)
  18. My Cross Stitch Corner (Xeihua/Sara)
  19. Random Ramblings (Joyce)
  20. Reflections in the Pond (Silverlotus)
  21. Taking One Stitch at a Time (Carolyn)
  22. Shebafudge (Sharon)
  23. Julie and Yes Dear’s Ravings¬†(Julie)
  24. A Bit of This and That (Shannon)
  25. Kitten Stitching (Kaye)
  26. WhizGidget Wonders (WhizGidget)
  27. Thread Garden (Jan)
  28. BAP Attack (Claudette)
  29. Kristy’s Stitching¬†World (Kristy)
  30. Snoeki-tik (Mireille)
  31. Stitching Daze (Tama)
  32. Aginetblogja (Agi)
  33. Maria4Katter (Maria)
  34. Julie’s Blog¬†(Julie)
  35. Kathy’s Sit and Stitch¬†(Kathy)
  36. My New Perspective (Joy)
  37. Maursie’s Cross Stitch Stuff¬†(Maureen)
  38. Fairy Tales & French Knots (Erin)
  39. The Musing Badger (Ruth)
  40. Loretta’s Stitching Blog¬†(Loretta)
  41. Stitchin’ Addiction¬†(Kirstin)
  42. Bec’s Cross Stitch Creations¬†(Bec)
  43. Charbella Stitching (Sharine)
  44. Bonnie’s World¬†(Bonnie)
  45. Miniquilts Р(Amy)
  46. Random Thoughts (Katie)
  47. Lissanne Creations & Stitching (Lissanne)
  48. My Stitch Diary (Vani)
  49. Jill’s Blog¬†(Jill)
  50. Gizzimomo’s Crafty Place¬†(Thea)
  51. Stitchings of an Army Wife (Megan)
  52. Fabric and Thread and Needles and Patterns, Oh My! (April)
  53. Naughts & Cross Stitches (Caitlin)
  54. Cross Stitch and Other Musings (Ewa)
  55. Stashaholics Anonymous (Novia)
  56. Coffee Cup Thoughts (Christine)
  57. Rikes (Kreuz)sticheleien (Rike)
  58. Cross Stitch Crazy Mum (Sheralyn)
  59. Me, My Bubble and My Stitching (Kalu)
  60. Veronica’s Stitching Vault¬†(Veronica)
  61. Pistellen-Stitching (Nina)
  62. Yellow Flower Meadow (Susan)
  63. Mountain Stitcher on the Plains (Debby)
  64. The Hera Chronicles (Lisa)
  65. Kay’s Random World¬†(Kay)
  66. A Work in Progress (Susan)
  67. Stitching Basket (Lili)
  68. Giovanna’s Stitches¬†(Gio)
  69. Lover of Cross Stitch (Charity)
  70. Nutty’s Starlets¬†(Sam)
  71. With My Needle (Ann)
  72. A Day in the Tangled Skeins of My Life (Amanda)
  73. Patchwork Stitches (Patchesmany)
  74. Kielrain’s Stitches¬†(Kielrain)
  75. The Pumpkin Patch Stitcher (Marjorie)
  76. Floss Junkie (Cindy)
  77. Syd’s Stitching Room¬†(Syd)
  78. Cross Stitched by Astrid (Astrid)
  79. Random Thoughts from Abroad (Gillie)
  80. Knitter In progress (Kim)
  81. At Brigitte’s Place¬†(Brigitte)
  82. Willow Tree Stitcher (Jeanne)
  83. Trillium Creates (Trillium)
  84. Mom!  The Dog Got Your Cross Stitch (Heather)
  85. The Polka Dot Chicken (C. Fun)
  86. Reveries of a Crafter (Ronjja)
  87.  Sunrise Stitching Time (Mountain Ash)
  88. Ft Ft Ft Stitch (Karen)
  89. It’s Geek to Me¬†(Heather)
  90. Revelations of a Delusional Knitter (Angela)
  91. Stitching Madness (Katharina)
  92. Mrs Sew and Sew (Claire)
  93. A Joyus Place (Joyus)
  94. Carole Counts (Carole)
  95. Once Upon a Cross Stitch (Threadbear)
  96. Stitching in the City (Hannah)
  97. Frazzled Needle (Mary)
  98. The Stitching Frog (Rebekah)
  99. Queen of the Alien Penguins (Whishastar)
  100. Alesia’s Place¬†(Alesia)
  101. Christine’s Journal¬†(Christine)
  102. Momuboocrea Island (Knyaaba)
  103. Flopsykitten stitchin’¬†(Kat)
  104. My Stitching World (Mommastitches)
  105. Beth’s Blog (Beth)
  106. X Marks the Spot (Squeezle)
  107. Needleworker Not in Paradise (Donna)
  108. Rosy Stitches (Terri)
  109. Chronicles of a Cross Stitching Hockey Fanatic (Cindy)
  110. Taking Up My Needle (Becky)
  111. A Stitch in Time with Jules (Julie H)
  112. Leslie’s Cross Stitch Heaven (Leslie)
  113. The Slow Stitcher (Helenapastafina)
  114. Lost in Stitches (Sarah)
  115. Tiki Stitches (Tiki)
  116. Folk-N-Fancy (Lucy)
  117. Notes from Blue Hen Hollow (Siobhan)
  118. Crafting with the Stitch Witch (Robin)
  119. Stitching Thyme Under the Willow Tree  (Lizzy)
  120. Our Blackbird Design Group / Anything and Everything But Mostly Stitching (Bobbi)
  121. This and That (Evalina)
  122. Stitchin’ & Scrappin’¬†(Judy)
  123. One Stitch at a Time (Amanda)
  124. On My Needles (Diane)
  125. Tales of a Shooting Star… (Jenna)
  126. Gathering Thoughts (Karen)
  127. Joie de Vivre (Mindi)
  128. Michelle’s Site (Michelle)
  129. Just a Virginia Girl (Carol)
  130. Wyrd Needles (Lisa)
  131. Raven Stitches (Missy)
  132. MrsDibble – Cross Stitching & Other Threads (Eleanor)
  133. Mtrl Girl’s Material World (Christine)
  134. Cha Cha’s World (Cathy)
  135. Stitching Cats (Jan)
  136. Stitching Again (March Ann)
  137. Cross Stitching in my Castle (Michelle)
  138. Cross Stitches & Kitty Kisses (Nancy)
  139. Craftgirl (Craftgirl78)
  140. Sus-E-Qs Designs (Susieq)
  141. Tigermum’s Creative Corner (Sandie)
  142. Debbie’s Cross Stitch (Debbie)
  143. Paula’s Needlework Addiction¬†/¬†Paula’s WIPapocalypse (Paula)
  144. Cozy Egg (Michelle)
  145. Stitching Plus (Marcy)
  146. Store in a cool dry place (Lea)
  147. Hexe im Hollerbusch (Hexe)
  148. Jeanne’s Blog (Jeanne)
  149. Crafting Life… One Stitch at a Time (Kristina)
  150. Nancy’s Knick-Knacks (Nancy)
  151. tjdesignsncrafts (tjdesigns)
  152. Queen Stitcher (Shelleen)
  153. LindaK Creativity Works (Linda)
  154. Just So You Know (Shondratasha)
  155. Rocky River Ramblings (Elizabeth)
  156. Girl with Needles (TeresaB)
  157. My WIPocalypse Blog (Jo Anna)
  158. Threadgatherer (Debbie)
  159. Randi’s SAL’s and Finishes (Randi/Chaotic One)
  160. Words of a Wikkid Woman (Line)
  161. View from an Alternate Dimension (Belinda)
  162. The Tomboy Princess (Abby)
  163. October Lace’s Musings (October Lace)
  164. The Flying Needle (Kate)
  165. Just a Bit of Heart (Tiffany)
  166. The Crafty Princess (Alicia)
  167. Stitching in Lobster Land (Patricia)
  168. Irrelevant Intercommunications (Outi)
  169. 22 Threads (Hillery)
  170. Drama of the Queen (Petra)
  171. Blog of a Needleworker (Lyndsey)
  172. Fabulous Frogger (Lesli)
  173. Already Forgotten (Valentina)
  174. Kearnel’s Korner (Lynn)
  175. Cucki Stitching Cove (Cucki)
  176. Counting Threads (Patty)
  177. Jeremiah’s Mom (Katie)
  178. Musings From A Three Bedroom Ranch (Melissa)
  179. Blu Stitcher (Linda)
  180. Just Another Flamingo on the Lawn (Sara)
  181. Who Has Time to Stitch???? (Sonda)
  182. Stitching ‘n Stashing (Carol)
  183. Inhale Life (Sherry)
  184. Joanie’s World (Joanie)
  185. A Pause in the Journey (Doris)
  186. These Two Hands (Dot)
  187. Around Barb’s Bend (Barb)
  188. Quietly Stitching (Hazel)
  189. Britas Stickereien und anderes (Brita)
  190. Scrap Quilt Lover (Ann-Maree)
  191. Nataly’s Needle Creations (Nataly)
  192. Today I found… (Cheryl)
  193. Mad Stitching (Maddixie)
  194. A Cozy Little Place for Stitching (Lynda)
  195. Stitchers Anon (Gaynor)
  196. Southpaw Stitcher (Southpaw Stitcher)
  197. On the Amber Route (Gosia)
  198. Deanna’s Stuff (Deanna)
  199. Laura’s Site (Laura)
  200. To Stitch or Not to Stitch (Barbara)
  201. Left Sox (Jennifer)
  202. Bele Chere Needlework (Dona)
  203. Threads in My Garden (Colleen)
  204. Birchbee (Violet)
  205. Diane’s Decorating Diary (Diane)
  206. Pommie Mommie (Spirit Kitten)
  207. The Striped Rose (Michele)
  208. WyseWomanDoesWIP – (Proofreadingink)
  209. Epic Stitching (Mel)
  210. Kitten Britches (Pam)
  211. XS Addict – Addicted to cross stitch (Kathy)
  212. Sew Clucky (Darlene)
  213. Cross@stitch (Cristina)
  214. Stitchabilities (Rachael)
  215. Artsy-Fartsy (Margaret)
  216. Around the Homestead (Shannon)
  217. My Art, My So-Called Life (Loralynn)
  218. Kristi’s Krafty Cross Stitch (Kristi)
  219. The Daily Mel (Mel)
  220. Stitches by Kelly (Kelly)
  221. The Stitching Reaper (Reaper)
  222. XXXStitching (Emma)
  223. One Stitch Closer to Nirvana (Jenny)
  224. Sittin’ and Stitching (Theresa)
  225. Nikki’s Stitching (Nikki)
  226. This is who I Am (Terri)
  227. Emma’s Site (Emma)
  228. Wendy’s Stitch Starts (Wendy)
  229. Social Sue (Sue)
  230. Helen’s Hobbies (Helen)
  231. Pip Stitch (Patty)
  232. Katrin Kuvat (Katri)
  233. Stitch and Serve (Krisztina)
  234. My Creativity Place (Gabriella)
  235. Stitchin with my Furbabies (Linda)
  236. Stitching notes and such (Jennifer)
  237. Stitching the Night Away in Illinois (Eva)
  238. Stitching and Sharing… (Karen)
  239. For My Mom (Anne)
  240. Beth’s Needlework Stash (Beth)
  241. Always Smiling (Chris)
  242. Lighting Candles to Pray for Light (Kyriaki)
  243. StitchWorks (Nicola)
  244. Full November Moon (Elizabeth)
  245. Michelle’s Cross Stitch Works (Michelle)
  246. Stitching Up North (Teena)
  247. Positivity – Positiiisuutta (Mia)
  248. Maiden.Mother.Crone (mothermaidencrone)
  249. Miamina’s Musings (Miamina)
  250. Manas Duarte’s (Paula)
  251. Never Enough Tyme (Cindy)
  252. Creative Wanderings (Carleen)
  253. A Fairy Princess Dreams and Stitches (Juls)
  254. Of Stitching, Stories and Memories (Andi/Raine)
  255. A Stitching Stash (Pam)
  256. CC Stitching Diary (Carla)
  257. J’s Wipocalypse 2012 (Jill)
  258. Jodie’s Crafty Blog (Jodie)
  259. Stitched in Wales (Sandra)
  260. Leslie’s Stitching (Leslie)
  261. Carol’s Site (Carol)
  262. Seaside Stitcher (Sharon)
  263. Where Acorns Fall (Cathy)
  264. Stitching in Crosses and More… (Lija)
  265. Funkarella’s Fodder (Kathy)
  266. Sharlene’s Stitching Site (Shar)
  267. Trinabelle’s (Katrina)
  268. 2012 – My Year of Doing (Elaine)
  269. Needleworker’s Samplings (JHM)
  270. CountryGirlStitcher (Christine)
  271. Life is What You Make It (Susan)
  272. Stitching and Other Stuff (Beth)
  273. Chewed Away (Gillian)
  274. Lisa’s Needlework (Lisa)
  275. Thutmosis’s Thoughts (Dana)
  276. Creative Outlets (Shannon)
  277. Country Nanny (Elisa)
  278. Suzanne’s Shambles (Suzanne)
  279. Kira’s Blog (Kira)
  280. Our Neck of the Woods (Thomasina)
  281. It’s Daffycat (Daffycat)
  282. A Shenandoah Sampler (Valerie)
  283. Jioya’s World (Yvon)
  284. No Sampler Left Behind (Cathy)
  285. Optimistic Lunatic (Kim)
  286. The Best of the Best (Nicole)
  287. For the Love of the X (Hasturtorres)
  288. Faithfully Stitching (Faith)
  289. Stampin’ N’ Stitchin (Jaunice)
  290. EveningEmma (Emma)
  291. Con le mie manine (Laura)
  292. Julie’s Crafts and Hobbies (Julie)
  293. Claire93’s Blog (Claire)
  294. Ziggyeor’s Loopiness (Ziggyeor)
  295. Shazzumps Stupid Little Corner (Shazzump)
  296. Adria’s Creative Life (Adria)
  297. Gone Stitchin’ Instead of Just A Wishin’ (Martha)
  298. Mary in the Morning (Mary)
  299. Bouncing Bellies & Flashing Needles (Tazzy)
  300. Airing Cupboard Crafts (Laura)
  301. Come Now, Let Us Reason Together (Paculina)
  302. My Needle Art (Theresa)
  303. A Celtic Stitcher (Paula)
  304. Crafty Imaginings by Jen (Jen)
  305. Tea and Stitches (CJ)
  306. Made in Scraps (Christine)
  307. Stitch Lab – the kitchen sink (Maria)
  308. Crafty Haven (Jen)
  309. La Belle Arthenice (Arthenice)
  310. Bronny’s Bits… (Bronny)
  311. Faery Grandmother (Gina)
  312. Valkstaff (Shell)
  313. Running Cross Country (pokercords)
  314. Seeford’s Spot for Stitching (Carolyn)
  315. soo much stuff so little time (Sandra)
  316. Flossy Bobbin (Flossy)
  317. Stitching Strumpet (Caroline)
  318. Nutty’s Starlets (Sam)
  319. Feather Stitching (Anne)
  320. Shayori’s Artistic Corner (Shayori)
  321. Threads of Memory (Robin)
  322. Elfin Stitches (Lynne/Elfie)
  323. OhSewCrafty (Stephanie)
  324. Snoeki-tik (Mireille)
  325. Craft The Final Frontier (Sue)
  326. Stitchcats Thread Garden (Margaret)
  327. Little Debbie’s Little Stitches (Deb)
  328. Sarah527 Blog (Sarah)
  329. Rebecca’s Needle Niche (Rebecca)
  330. Roseanne’s Stitching Adventures (Rosanne)
  331. Cottage Tails (Leanne)
  332. Endlessly Fascinated (Rachel)
  333. Run For the Hills (Leonie)
  334. Living Like a Princess (Tracy)
  335. Sophia’s Ruminations (Sophia)
  336. NY Needles (Anna)
  337. Stitch and Sow (Nanette)
  338. Crafty Bunnies (Jill)
  339. Craft Happens (Lisa)
  340. Stitches (Michele)
  341. Heidis Hobbyplats (Heidi)
  342. Pam’s Progress (Pam)
  343. Snailstichr (Snailstichr)
  344. Ramblings of a Scattered Mind (Christine)
  345. All XX’s (Minnie)
  346. Little Miss Stitchy Stitch (Helene)
  347. Project Panorama (May)
  348. CandyFlossCraft (Jillian)
  349. Purple Stitcher (Lisa)
  350. Journal of a Cross-Stitching Fanatic (Gemma)
  351. Rather Be Stitching (Chris)
  352. The Dragon Who Stitches (Andi)
  353. Tied in Knots (Niki & Rory)
  354. My Stitchy Ramblings (Karen)
  355. Black Belt Stitching (Dani)
  356. Wee Needles (Teresa)
  357. My Best Friend Has Fur (RockyGore826)

Stitching in Spirit –¬†These are folks that don’t have blogs, but are stitching with us and making their own 2012 WIPocalypse lists. ¬†(As of now, they’re unable to qualify for the big drawing at the end of the year, as the blog is the minimum requirement for that portion of the SAL.)

  1. Becky Dory
  2. Elena Morales

 Stash Drawing

At the end of 2012, I’ll be adding an entry into the pot for each member’s individual full moon check-ins (so if you’re participating and submit for each full moon, you’ll have 13 entries). I’ll draw one name, and that person will get a collection of new stash to play with.

Some of this I’ll be adding to the stash drawing. Other items are generously donated by fellow participants (and are credited as appropriate). If you’d like to submit items for the drawing, I’m more than happy to accept. Please check that your submissions follow the following guidelines

Any patterns MUST be originals – copyright MUST be respected. No photocopies will be accepted. Patterns may be gently used, but should be clean of marks and not ripped/torn beyond normal storage wear and tear (remember… these are a gift).
Finished items, such as ornaments, pinkeeps, biscornu, etc. are welcome.
Unused floss skeins
Fabric (please include count and type – linen, lugana, etc)
Magazines in good shape (no ripped out pages, no tears)

So what’s in the box so far?

From Measi’s Stash…

Salem Remembered (Primitive Needle)
Nantucket Sampler (Medeiros Needlecraft)
Various DMC new skeins
Various Vicky Clayton’s silk spools

From Carol at Stitching ‘n Stashing…

Just Cross Stitch Magazine – May/June 2012 issue
Serenity Prayer (Leisure Arts #455)
Floral Paperweights (Of Female Worth)
State Flowers (Leisure Arts #2092)
Gather Ye Rosebuds (Kingsland)
17th Century Book Mark – Chatelaine (Eileen Bennett/The Sampler House)
Knotwork Bookmarks II (Teresa Wentzler)
The Bookmark Collection (Told in a Garden)
Bibs & Burps 2 (Leisure Arts 2174)
Twins, Etc. (Carolina Country House)
Blue Gate (L’Aiguill√©e Designs)
Wild Tulip (Rosewood Manor)
Red Hat Stitcher – The Promise (Just Nan)
Flower Basket Sampler (Ewe & Eye & Friends)
Peace on Earth (Cedar Hill)
Hardanger Made Easy kit (Anchor)

From Lynne (aka Elfie) at Elfin Stitches

Merry Christmas to All (Heaven and Earth Designs – artwork by Ruth Sanderson)

From Lea at Store in a cool dry place!

Guardian Angel (Lavender & Lace)
October Sky Sampler (Elizabeth’s Designs)
Wish Upon A Star (Dragon Dreams)

2012 FAQ

What is the WIPocalypse and what is its goal?

The WIPocalypse is a stitch-a-long playing up on the joke that the world will end in 2012. ¬†It’s short for Works In Progress Apocalypse.

The goal of the WIPocalypse is to make progress on your projects.  How you go about this is your choice.

What do I have to do for the SAL?

Stitch.  First and foremost, enjoy working on whatever pieces you wish to put stitches into.

Each Full Moon, post your updated status on your blog. ¬†How you organize that post is up to you – if you’re someone who posts updates frequently, a list of the pieces and links to your updates works great if you’d rather not repeat posts. ¬†Please make sure to tag or label it with Wipocalypse so I can find them easily. ¬†Then come to this blog (www.measi.net/measiblog) and post the link TO your update.

When is the deadline to sign up?

The deadline to register as an official participant of the WIPocalypse is January 15, 2012 at 11:59 U.S. Eastern Time.

I missed the registration deadline, but I want to participate.  Help?

You’re welcome to stitch with us in spirit, and you’re welcome to add your progress photos to the official WIPocalypse thread. ¬†You simply won’t be eligible for the drawing at the end of the year.

What are the important dates to remember?

For this SAL, posting dates are for the Full Moons in 2012.  Those dates are:

January 9
February 7
March 8
April 6
May 5
June 4
July 3
August 1
August 31
September 29
October 29
November 28
December 28

Do I qualify to participate in the WIPocalypse?

The two requirements are that you have a blog, and that you like to do stitchy crafty things.  Your skill level or the type of stitching you do does not matter.

What types of projects can be counted toward the WIPocalypse?

Current Works in Progress (WIPS), long-abandoned Unfinished Objects (UFOs), new starts in 2012, Round Robin portions, pieces for organized exchanges, etc.

I may not have any WIPs carrying over into 2012.  Can I begin with fresh starts in the new year?

Absolutely! ¬†This SAL is as flexible as it can be – if you stitch on it in 2012, you’re free to count it on your list. ¬†After all, anything you stitch on technically is a Work-in-Progress, right? ¬†ūüôā

I have no idea what I’m going to stitch on in 2012. ¬†Does that matter?

Nope. ¬†Feel free to add to your list as you start/work on things next year and allow your list to develop organically. ¬†(Trust me… I’m going to be doing this due to my lack of restraint!)

Can I count knitting/crochet/quilting projects toward my progress post?

Yes – but please try to get some cross stitch or embroidery done too!

I have no idea what I’m going to stitch on in 2012. ¬†Does that matter?

Nope. ¬†Feel free to add to your list as you start/work on things next year and allow your list to develop organically.¬†¬†(Trust me… I’m going to be doing this!)

Do I have to keep a list of what I work on?

No, but it will probably help keep you motivated to see goals, accomplishments, etc. through the year. ¬†If you’re someone who works better without lists, that’s cool too.

Is there a minimum/maximum number of pieces I need to work on for the year?

No – this is not like one of the Crazy Challenges which have a set number of pieces. ¬†Whether you stick with one piece throughout the year or work on a bunch, you’re fine.

I’m committed to a Round Robin/another SAL/etc. ¬†Can I count these pieces?

Yes! ¬†If you stitch on it, feel free to count it toward your progress. ¬†¬†If you’re getting involved in one of those “Crazy SALs” starting in January like the massive one that is going on this year, you can count those pieces toward this SAL too.

My sole intent with this SAL is to celebrate stitching progress. ¬†Work it around your current commitments/events/SALs. ¬†It’s simply a way to connect stitchers together who might not otherwise meet each other because they simply tend to stitch in different styles, in different countries, on different designers’ works, etc. and have a good time cheering on the progress that fellow stitchers are making on their projects.

(Warning: There may be an increased volume of stash lust. ¬†Don’t blame me for this, please!)

I am a (insert here: one-at-a-timer/rotationer/round robin/newbie/less experienced stitcher/etc.) stitcher. Does this matter?

Nope, not at all. ¬†This Stitch-a-Long is for fun. ¬†If you’re a less-experienced stitcher, if you’ve never stitched before but want to give it a try and have a cheering section, if you’re super slow or super busy and don’t make much progress every month, or if your stitching interests seem to be different than a lot of the people on this blog – you’re just as welcome as the person stitching the most “in fashion” designers right now.

Will you be sending out a reminder about the SAL closer to the start in January?

Yes. ¬†I will be stopping by everyone’s blog in late November/early December with a reminder about the SAL, and any last-minute information and additions to help keep you organized (likely a Google Calendar or mailing list for posting reminders that you can join).

It’s also so I can make sure I’ve added you to my Google Reader for some morning coffee browsing on the weekends!

I don’t currently have a blog, but I really want to join. ¬†How do I do that?

If you’ve never blogged before, I recommend¬†either¬†Blogger¬†or¬†Livejournal¬† for ¬†an easy, “free 10-minute setup and you’re ready to go” site that doesn’t require any previous experience with websites. ¬†They have designs ready to go, so all you have to do is choose one, start typing, and you’re off! ¬†As you get more comfortable with the program you can adjust and tweak settings as you need.

I am self-hosting my blog running¬†WordPress, which also provides blog hosting, but I think it’s a bit more involved. ¬†I highly recommend it, but not necessarily to someone who’s less interested in tinkering and more interested in just getting started.

What is the giveaway all about?

Each month, each person who posts an update, tags it correctly with “wipocalypse” and checks in at my blog will receive one entry toward a giveaway prize box of stash.

This will allow everyone to continue participating, even if a month or two along the way prevent stitching.  I don’t want to discourage folks who may have issues that prevent them from posting for a month and force them to give up entirely on the SAL, but I also want to reward those who do check in every month.  Just jump back in when life allows & post with the next available update.

What’s in the prize box?

I don’t know yet! ¬†It’s going to develop throughout 2012. ¬†I plan on tossing things in there as I go shopping through the year.

Can I add things for the stash box?

Yes! If you‚Äôd like to contribute to the box, email me (address below) and I‚Äôll send you my address. Clean, unmarked charts (respect copyright ‚Äď no photocopies!), finished items, new floss skeins, fabric, etc. are all welcome. ¬†If you have other ideas for a contribution, drop me an email to discuss at measiwitch(at)gmail.com



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