TAST – Week One

TAST2012logoI decided that since I was taking time this year to work on my own pieces that doing some knowledge expansion was probably also a good idea.  I’d run across a few blogs that had interesting little doodle samplers, followed the linky trail, and found myself at Pin Tangle, which hosts a perfect little educational stitch-a-long called Take a Stitch Tuesday (aka TAST).  Each week, Sharon will post a different stitch, and the participants in the SAL can either practice the stitch if they’re beginners, or try to push the stitch further if they’re more experienced with it.

I decided that TAST would be my Crazy January start #3, and that as I worked the different stitches, I’d do one row of the simple stitch, then try working it in a couple of different ways. I’ll just pull random colors from my stash, so this thing’s going to get pretty clashy at times. It’ll be a great way to use up some of those mostly empty bobbins, though!

So to start off – this week features the Fan Stitch:

Week One - Fan Stitch

I’ll be adding a header to the top in a week or two – I want to sketch out something freehand. 🙂

Sharon suggested using fan stitch to create leaves, so I tinkered with creating rosemary stalks with two colors of DMC. I like the snowflake a lot and want to play around a little more with them before I cross off this week’s mini-sampler. And of course, doing some geometrics with the stitch is a must.

It’s a fun, easy stitch that I think I’ll want to tinker with more.

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  1. Kaye says:

    That looks really interesting, Measi, I will really like following your progress on TAST.
    Hugs, Kaye xoxox

  2. Julie says:

    I think that’s fabulous.  I’m doing Abi Gurden’s Tree of Stitches, which is a really similar concept.  The trunk is done in cross stitches, and the canopy of the tree is made up of fourteen different specialty stitches.  It’s wonderful.  I hope you enjoy your TAST as much as I’m enjoying my tree.  Good luck with all the different things, and it looks great so far.

  3. Mouse says:

    oooo your another one who is doing this 🙂  can’t wait to see how it progresses 🙂 love mouse xxxx 
    may be tempted to join .??? 

  4. Ziggyeor says:

    Very nice I’ll have to check that out and learn some new stitches.  I like your geometric pattern.

  5. Deborah Bryant says:

    TAST is a great idea!  I will look forward to watching your new stitches and all the creative ways that you use them.

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