WIPocalypse Check-in Post #1

Time for the first check-in!   How have your first few days been going?

I’m planning to post the check-in a couple days before the full moon every month, partially so it’s available for our Aussie and Kiwi stitchers who start the posting date several hours ahead of me, and partially because I’m aware that not everyone has the picture-perfect schedule where they can post *exactly* on January 9th.

Important SAL announcements

Deadline to sign up – if you’re someone who hasn’t signed up for the WIPocalypse and you want to be “officially” involved or you have friends who you know are waffling on participating, the last date to sign up for the active participant list is January 15, 2012.  If you miss this date, you’re absolutely welcome to share your progress and check in on these official posts.  Please do not feel like you’re excluded.  The only difference is that you won’t be eligible for the stash drawing after the “end of the world” (aka the WIPocalypse final check-in post), and your blog won’t be on the official participant list posted via the links in the next paragraph.  Signups for this SAL have been open since late August, and I need to be able to focus time on my own stitching, so I just needed to have a cut-off point.

WIPocalypse Info – If you signed up months ago and haven’t been back by my blog in a while… I created an official group of SAL pages since they were starting to get broken up across posts in my blog.  There’s  a forum for chatting with your fellow stitchers (via Yuku), a button linky for your blog if you’d like to add it, signups for email reminders for check-ins, and various other information gathered from questions I’ve received over the past four months.

Cut-off date for this Full Moon – to have your post count toward THIS full-moon’s stash drawing credit, you must have it posted no later than January 31st.


Please remember that this stitch-a-long is intended to be fun – so if you’re too busy to post, too busy/ill/etc. to stitch – no worries.  Post when you can and share what you have going, even if you’ve only been able to toss a single stitch into it.  It’s not a race or a competition – we’re all just here to cheer each other on with our progress.  🙂

I know some stitchers were having some difficulty with my blog commenting system when signing up, so I want to try to make this a bit easier/more accessible for everyone.  You can check in in one of three ways:

  • Auto linky form (you’ll see that below)
  • Via comments (make sure you include your blog address!)
  • Via email – to measiwitch(at)gmail.com, only if the other two options do not work.  Again- make sure you include your blog address.  I’ll add your post to the auto-linky if I receive it this way to confirm I received it.
Happy stitching everyone!

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  1. Patricia Ogden says:

    Okay, I just sent a link for my first update.  I’ve actually got a couple updates already.  So do I add another link when I get a chance?  

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Patricia –

      Please only do a check-in link once per full moon at my blog.    When the next one comes around in February, you’ll have plenty of status updates to share!  

  2. Phynix Caskey says:

    I just noticed that I was working in the wrong form. Please ignore the link from me. “from the desk of Phynix” that is me trying to fill out the sign up. form… and flipping through tabs and not paying attention Sorry all!

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