My first finish of 2012 – the Traveling Pattern

Lizzie*Kate Traveling Pattern - finished 1/29/12Early in January, I learned that I was the next stop for the current Lizzie*Kate traveling pattern.  I’ve seen quite a few stops of Stitcherhood projects on blogs, and was thrilled that I finally had the opportunity be part of one.  I’ve just finished my version today in a mix of DMC and Sullivans threads.  I felt like doing bright colors.  They probably don’t all match, but that’s fine with me – it’s bright and cheery and completely different from anything else I have going.  🙂

It’s also my first Lizzie*Kate pattern.  How the heck did I go this long without stitching one?

My version joins the nine lovely variants that came before me:

Since this is a Traveling Pattern, it now needs to wander onward to another stitcher.  And so it’s time for a drawing.

If you would like to be a part of the Stitcherhood for this Traveling Pattern, here are the rules:

1. Comment on this post, saying you would like to be part of the Stitcherhood.

2. You agree (if you are chosen) to stitch the design and send it along to the next person in a timely manner. If this means dropping everything in your rotation to concentrate on this project…so be it. If you can’t bring yourself to do this ~ don’t sign up.

3. You must have an active blog to participate. If you have a blog but never post to it ~ you won’t be chosen to be the next stitcher.

4. This is a giveaway-type Travelling Pattern. That means you must follow it from blogger to blogger to enter each time it is ready to send along. Commenting on this post doesn’t make you a guaranteed part of the Stitcherhood.

Just for fun – also tell me the *one* pattern, by any designer, that you would love to stitch if time, money, and (for some of us) intimidation were not a factor.

If you want to be considered, act fast – I’ll only take names until Friday, February 3rd.  I’ll do the drawing on Saturday, and hopefully have the piece en route to its next location early next week!

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  1. A WhizGidget says:

    I’m game!
    I would like to be part of the Stitcherhood!  I agree to move the item along to the next stitcher, whomever that may be.

    As for the one pattern?  That would be Teresa Wentzler’s Cutwork Compass Rose – it’s a pattern I’d love to have, it’s small, but I’ll never be able to get my hands on it as it was a class-only item from the 2009 Toronto CreativFestival

  2. Rachel says:

    I would love to be part of the Stitcherhood! 🙂  I love the colors you used, so bright and cheery. 

    There are so many patterns I would like to stitch if time were not a factor.  I would definitely lean towards a TW, but I am not sure which one…maybe all of them? lol 🙂

  3. Sandra says:

    I’d love to be part of the Stitcherhood please! I agree to stitch it straight away if chosen, and pass it on to the next recipient. The chart I’d most love to stitch is Peacock Tapestry by TW. I have actually made a very small start on it a long time ago, but quickly realised that I would never have time to finish it.

  4. Ziggyeor says:

    OH cute little stitch.  I have a bag of overdyed threads that I got because they were pretty and I think something like this would be really cute. Would love to be part of the stitcherhood
    I can drop everything some of the border looks like I could do it at work, I just have to plot where everything goes.
    I now have an active blog!  I hit most nearly everyday this month and am still going.
    Gotcha – will be putting on some music and grabbing a Dr. Pepper and going to see the other variations 😉
    Ohh just *one* hrm ok Wheat Field with Crows – Van Gogh

  5. Beth says:

    I would love to be a part of this drawing!  I am a lover of Lizzie*Kate, so this one would be very much fun for me.  If I had all the time, money and vision, I think that I would stitch one of the several Thomas Kincade charts in my collection.  They are truely a collection because I am sure I could never stitch them – LOL!  I do have a blog, but I do not post daily.  I shoot for every week or two.  My life is too boring to write any more than that.

  6. Southpaw Stitcher says:

    I love the colors you chose for this project!  Yes, please add my name to the drawing.  The one project that I’ve had my eye on but have restrained myself from purchasing is M.C. Escher’s Relativity (color version) on the HAED website.  The finished size is almost 400 x 400 and it uses 88 colors of floss!

  7. Nina says:

    I’m not enetering, I just wanted to say congrats on the first finish for the year! I love those cheerfull colours 😀
    And on the question, if money, time or skills were not a factor, then I’d love to stitch a Chatelaine mandala, it’s very hard to choose which one, but probably the Japanese garden

  8. Mouse says:

    ooo would love to have a chance to stitch this one 🙂 I have an active blog etc etc etc and cooo which chart now that is hard  as done loads by different designers and different stitches but I think it would have to be hummingbird chatelaine  ….  🙂 love mouse xxxxx

  9. Annette says:

    I would love to join the Sisterhood for this pattern. I promise to dedicate the necessary stitching time to complete 🙂 My current chart fascination is French Ribbons by Tony Minieri – a class offered this year that has captured my fancy!

  10. Cucki says:

    aww it is such a sweet stitching..
    please i also wanted to be a part of this sisterhood..
    please count me in..
    thank you
    big hugs cucki xx

  11. Erica Killins says:

    Looks Fabulous!  Don’t enter me in the draw – I’m #5 on the Stitcherhood.  Just wanted to comment on how lovely yours looks – I love the bright colours!

  12. Xeihua says:

    Hi Melissa congratulations on your first finish of the year I love the colours 😀 
    I would love to have a chance on being part on the giveaway 😀
    Thanks 😉

  13. Annette Wright says:

    I would love to join the Sisterhood!  I can certainly drop everything to get it finished in a timely manner 🙂  The design on my mind is Tony Minieri’s French Ribbons… it’s a class piece that was offered at various shops this year.

    (I would have sworn I commented earlier!  Oops…)

  14. Silverlotus says:

    Your version looks fabulous! Great job!

    (Obviously, I don’t need to be entered into the draw. 😉 )

  15. Rahenna says:

    I’d like to be considered! 😀
    If I had all the time in the world, I’d stitch TW’s Woodland Faerie.  I’m starting it anyway… it’ll get done eventually!  Now, if it’s money… Spring Knotgarden by Chatelaine, though I suspect I may end up getting it anyway. :p

  16. Claire says:

    lovely stitching ^^
    I don’t have time to even think about joining in, but it’s a great idea to keep up a chain of friendship and stitching in such a way. Well done ladies and good luck to whoever gets picked next.

  17. Joanne P says:

    Lovely, I love your choice of colours.  Very cheerful.  I’d never stitched a L*K until the two TPs last year. 
    Obviously don’t enter me, but my ambition is a Chatelaine.  The problem is I can’t decide which one.  There isn’t one which screams louder than the rest – they are all quite deafening!  I’m waiting for Serendipity to strike and make the decision for me.  I’m not sure what form that will take but one day it will happen.

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