February TUSAL Check-in

TUSAL as of 2-21-12I had another great month of stitching – lots of different colors this month on several projects. My TUSAL jar has a rather large variety of colors this month, thanks to work on approximately a half-dozen projects (and the inevitable frogging that goes with them).  The blues are almost entirely from Deep Blue Sea – I’m still well-entrenched in part one for the Chatelaine Mandala, and it’s a big collection of blues and teals.

I’d hoped to also include some photos of my updates for the most recent two projects – Book of Ink Circles and Floral Bellpull – on this update, but my uploads from my cell phone are running very slowly.  I’ll get them posted sometime tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll even have a better update for Floral Bellpull tomorrow – I’d love to have the border for square 5 done!

Happy stitching!


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