July Goals

My stitching for June was productive, although not in the actual completion of goals department.

For June, I set a goal l to clear three projects off of my “near done” list.  Doesn’t matter which three, but they’ll come from this list:
  1. Mirabilia RR – worked on it.  Nearly done – approx 5-10 hrs left.
  2. Smoky Mountain Cats – worked on it, but it needs more work than I estimated to complete.
  3. Apache Wedding Blessing
  4. Walk in the Woods – worked on it.  Nearly done (maybe 5 hours left)
  5. Witchy Washy
  6. Elemental Dragons (any one of the three remaining in the set).
I’ll post progress photos tomorrow when I do my personal WIPocalypse update.  Maybe I’ll be able to get WinW done before then.  🙂
For July, I’m planning on doing the following…
  1. Finish the Mira RR.  Really this time.
  2. Finish Walk in the Woods.
  3. Complete Part 1 of Deep Blue Sea
  4. Put 5 hours into Floral Bellpull
  5. Put 5 hours into Pocketful of Peppermint (for Theme-a-licious “Jolly July”)
  6. Get my Olympic stitching order together.
With the heat of summer now on top of us, I’ll be staying somewhere near air conditioning a lot, so hopefully I’ll get a bunch of stitching time.  Especially as the Olympics kick off.  🙂  That’s about all I’ll do for the spread of the Olympics – watch the competitions and stitch!
Happy stitching all…


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