WIPocalypse Check-in Post #12

There’s only one more month.

Supposedly, everything ends a month from now.

The WIPocalypse is coming… Are you ready?

Yeah, me neither. 🙂

In any case, this may be a bit of a longer post than normal, so please pardon the slightly longer wall of text. I’ll try to keep it fairly brief within the announcements…


Important SAL announcements

WIPocalypse 2013 info – Read a bit further down… info is there!

Cut off Date for this Full Moon – is December 23rd. I’ll be posting the final WIPocalypse post for 2012 a little early to allow for people to get those last posts in before the drawing!

FINAL WIPocalypse Post Info – IMPORTANT – I will be posting the check-in post on December 24th. For this post, please post your progress as you have, but also share a recap of any finishes you’ve had for 2012! You’ll have only until January 11th, 11:59 pm U.S. Eastern Time) to get that final post for 2012 in for the drawing, so please mark your calendars. (this date is firm – no late entries will be accepted. I’m doing the drawing on the evening of the 12th and announcing the winner on the 13th so I can get things mailed off!)

Last Call for WIPocalypse Box Donations – A couple more people have emailed me recently (and I have responded). If you have anything else you’d like to submit to the prize box, please email me at measiwitch(at)gmail.com as soon as possible, and I’ll give you my address. 🙂

Auto-Linky Help – Internet Explorer is definitely causing problems with the auto-link, and unfortunately it’s something I cannot control. Please use the comment form or email me if you cannot get your check-in to show up after a screen refresh..


2013 WIPocalypse Information

No, the world’s not ending after 2012, but hey… we can always use a booster for encouraging progress on those projects that keep lingering, right? 🙂 So the WIPocalypse will continue, although a lot more casually because I know that with a baby incoming sometime in early spring, I don’t want to over-plan myself for drawings and such in 2013 and then not be able to make good on that plan. So here’s how the WIPocalypse is going to run next year:

  • No prize drawing will be held at the end of 2013. The stitch-a-long check-in posts will be purely for fun and sharing WIP progress. That said, if individual participants want to host their own drawings via their blogs and promote it via the monthly WIPocalypse check-in posts as part of some community bonding at various points in the year, I’m all for it. 🙂
  • There won’t be a signup cutoff. It’s going to stay open all year long for new participants as they find the stitch-a-long. Drop in, drop out as your time allows. This should also prevent the annoyance I’d receive from people who missed monthly cut-off dates. I intended the WIPocalypse to be a silly, fun idea… and I kind of want to return it to the original vision – which was purely for a community sharing stitch-a-long, rather than a contest, which is how I see some people viewing it.
  • Small monthly challenges – an optional idea just to add some variety into the SAL, I may include some monthly challenges/themes for those who would like to stretch the WIPocalypse a bit more, and to help connect some stitchers who may have similar stitching interests but haven’t met each other. Perhaps a featured designer for the month, a couple colors, or a theme/style to feature, in case you’re looking for ideas on how to choose pieces to work on each month. For example, maybe January would be “Designer: Little House Needleworks; colors: green and blue; theme: animals,” where there might be something to spark ideas for selections. Totally optional, but gives a little more variety to those who want to spice up their posts.
  • I’ll open a signup page on December 1st. I’d intended to have it ready yesterday, but work has been a little weird this week… so I need Saturday morning at home to do some blog organization, get the 2013 pages together, and get everything up and running. So check back this weekend!Updated December 5th – Signups are now open! CLICK HERE!


Please remember that this stitch-a-long is intended to be fun – so if you’re too busy to post, too busy/ill/etc. to stitch – no worries. Post when you can and share what you have going, even if you’ve only been able to toss a single stitch into it. It’s not a race or a competition – we’re all just here to cheer each other on with our progress. 🙂

I know some stitchers were having some difficulty with my blog commenting system when signing up, so I want to try to make this a bit easier/more accessible for everyone. You can check in in one of three ways:

  • Via Auto-link
  • Via comments (make sure you include your blog address!)
  • Via email – to measiwitch(at)gmail.com, only if the comments are not working. Again- make sure you include your blog address!
Happy stitching everyone!


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  1. Faith Nichols says:

    Looking forward to the 2013 WIPocalypse. 

    This year the WIPocalypse helped with encouraging me to stitch and I would like to say thank you for that so THANK YOU!

  2. Caitlin Jordan says:

    Sounds awesome so glad that the WIpocalypse is continuing next year! I have had lots of fun this year 😀 

  3. Katie Gengnagel says:

    This has been a blast. I use it as a great reason to do two things I love…stitch and blog about stitching. Thank you very much! I look forward to joining in again next year and I’m glad it’s going to be just a relax and enjoy thing rather than a contest. I’ve always just enjoyed the idea of WIPocalypse. Thank you!

  4. Minnie says:

    It has been fun to have somewhere to share updates and meet other stitchers, I appreciate the work you’ve done and I thank you very much.

  5. Stitcheranon (Gaynor) says:

    I have loved it: your WIPocalypse has not only got me cross stitching again but also inspired me to learn embroidery, quilting and crochet.  It has been a very difficult year for me as it has for many of our members and this easy going challenge has been total fun and helped me to relax through hospital appointments, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and who knows what.
    I know you will be busy come December so please let me take this opportunity to wish you all the best with your new edition once they get here, and to wish you and all the members of WIPocalypse 2012 a happy, peaceful and healthy Christmas and 2013 xxxxx

  6. Joanne P says:

    So pleased that you’re carrying on next year!  I already do the Theme-a-licious as well so it’ll be interesting to see how your themes fit in with Heather’s!!

  7. Cheryl says:

    I enjoyed participating and stitching along with all of you.  I may not have finished as many projects as I would have liked, but I am happy to say that I did stitch every month & I did post every month.  (Which is an accomplishment for me.)   I enjoyed seeing everyone’s progress & meeting new friends.  I am definitely IN for next year!  Happy holidays & happy stitching everyone.

  8. Aussiestitcher says:

    Phew, managed another post. This has been a terrific impetus for posting on my blog, I haven’t finished much but I have started a whole lot of lovely things!! That’s all that matters isn’t it!

  9. Countingthreads says:

    I have really enjoyed participating in the WIPacolypse even though I haven’t posted here a ton.  I’ll be participating again in 2013 and I’ll post again when I have an update on my blog for 2012!

  10. Jadestitch says:

    I will skip this month’s post, as I am too busy, but I will definitely join for next year (if it comes), I met some excellent friends here that are great stitchers and amazing human beings. The WIPocalypse gave me plenty of fun, inspiration and motivation.

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