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I’ve just returned from my 29 week ultrasound. My doctor had ordered it because at my last prenatal appointment, my fundal height (the measurement of my uterus length) was a bit bigger than it should be.

All’s well. Kiddo’s measuring in the middle of the range of normal for size. Which is good,because I’ve had a couple of rocky weeks pregnancy-wise, and the less I have to worry about the baby, the better!

I spent a good chunk of New Year’s Eve Day in the hospital due to an intense pain that flared up under my right ribcage.  It kicked up around midnight, and by 4 am it hadn’t subsided and I finally declared I was done.  Off to the hospital we went, where I was promptly brought up to the maternity ward, put on the baby monitors, and went through a series of tests.  The pain is as a result of gallstones (which I didn’t know I had before now).  Not sure what’s next on that front – only that I need to watch my fat intake because there’s nothing that can be done at this point until I deliver.  I need to meet with the specialists and see what happens.  I’m hoping that I don’t have to get my gallbladder out, but if that’s what has to happen, then it will happen (ick).

The on-call OB/GYN also informed me that I’d bombed the glucose tolerance test the week before.  She was very preachy and decided RIGHT THEN that I instantly had gestational diabetes, declaring that I didn’t even need to do the three-hour tolerance test, and that since my doc wasn’t available for consultation, she was making the executive decision. She commented that my doctor (who is also a partner in her practice) had been “far too lenient with me.”  She also harped on my weight, insisting that I shouldn’t gain an OUNCE during pregnancy (apparently she didn’t bother to see that I’ve lost 22 pounds during my pregnancy, not including baby weight, and haven’t gained anything back), and wouldn’t listen to me when I explained what was going on with my weight.  She immediately put me on a 4 times per day blood sugar monitoring program via finger stick, which I’ve been very good about adhering to.

Trust me when I say… there’s no way I have diabetes with these numbers. And this is without any diet change, aside from watching my fat intake due to the gallstone diagnosis.  When half of my post-eating blood sugar numbers are below 100, and the max I’ve had at all was 150… after intentionally eating chips and a sub on potato bread?  Yeah.  No.  Sorry.  But whatever – I’m obese.  It’s not a bad thing to keep my blood sugar monitored.  It’s frankly a more reliable way to see what’s going on than chugging a bottle of glucose and sitting around for blood tests.

Needless to say, I really hope she’s not the doc on-call when I deliver… and I’ll be mentioning the experience to my OB/GYN at my next appointment.

Anyway… back to today’s ultrasound… I’m measuring about one week further along than my calculated date according to my last period back in June – but that’s been consistent throughout all of the ultrasounds. Considering that only about 5% of women deliver ON their due date and I’m within the margin of error, there’s no change being made officially.

BUT – even better this time around, we had a clear shot of gender. SURVEY SAYS….

survey says!

(now watch my blog get flagged for porn because of that photo).

It’s not the clearest of shots… but we did get a big yawn and a smile at the camera… say hi to all of the bloggers out there, Maximillian! 🙂

Smile at the camera!

More from me later (gotta get back to work…)

– Mel.

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  1. Lija Broka says:

    Wow! I do like ultrasound pictures (one doesn’t get to see many of those), which kind of consistent with not having that many close friends who went through pregnancy. Good luck with weight/sugar monitoring! Need to be careful with their ‘just in case’ procedures. My mum was having my brother when she was 40, and the doctors wanted to put her on a few very invasive/that can damage the baby procedures just to check. Good luck, how long is there to go?

  2. Giovanna says:

    Sorry to read about the bumps, and I hope everything proceeds more smoothly from now on. It’s nice to know the kid’s gender, isn’t it? It was a turning point for me both times.

  3. Rachel B. says:

    Well, Hello there little Maximillian!!  Congrats on the little boy, Mel!  I am sorry to hear about the little bumps going along.  It sounds like that OB/GYN was pretty rude, I am sorry about that.  I would definitely be talking to your normal OB about it.  I am so very excited for you guys!  I can not wait to see the little guy when he’s born!! 🙂

    I had my gall bladder out last  year(apparently it was only working at 3%) and the surgery was really no biggie.  In and out pretty much.  I haven’t had to change my diet either.  I wish you luck with it.

  4. Darbylogan says:

    It’s been a LONG time since I had a baby, but that OBGyN. needs bedside manner lessons 101.  I would totally mention this to your own Dr. I am a big proponent of not letting DRs. forget that we are human beings! Good luck and hang in there:))  Darby Logan

  5. Annette Wright says:

    Hi Max 🙂

    No, with those readings you aren’t diabetic (my DH is considered pre-diabetic, tests once a day and his readings are slightly higher than yours), but better safe than sorry.

    As for the less-than-pleasant OB/GYN, I would inform your regular dr that you will *not* have her regardless of whether she is on call or not.  You own your care and have ultimate decision as to who provides it to you.  If you don’t want her, you don’t have to have her.

    When I was in the hospital for complications during my daughter’s pregnancy, there was one nurse that had a horrible manner and couldn’t draw blood from me without *digging* in my arm with the needle. After she did it once, I told her she was not to come near me again.  When I returned to the hospital for delivery, she was on the floor.  She walked into my room, saw it was me and walked out to find someone else to draw my blood that night.

    I do hope your remaining weeks are uneventful 🙂

  6. Ladynero says:

    Hi Max! Don’t give your mom too much trouble now, ya hear?

    And *definitely* tell your regular OB that you don’t want the on-call lady delivering for you because you don’t trust her judgement on things. It’s your body, your pregnancy, and if she doesn’t listen to you about your weight, what more important thing will she not listen to you about? Don’t take a risk with your health or Max’s.

    And COngratulations on having a bouncing baby boy-to-be!

  7. Ziggyeor says:

    oh goodness, sorry that happened with the doc and I hope she’s not the one who delivers.  Love the ultra sound, congratulations!

  8. Joanne P says:

    Hi Max!  That was one of our choices for the small boy.  Are you spelling it the traditional way with one L or like the Gumball Rally guy wth 2 Ls and an O?  I saw someone on a Baby Forum who was using the second spelling.  I’m more of a traditionalist myself.Doctors do seem to like to make a fuss about things sometimes, they thrive on drama!  You know how you’re feeling and what you’ve been eating.
    Hopefully you won’t see her again!

  9. Red1974 says:

    Sorry for your scare. I had a similar situation with my first pregnancy with blood pressure. They freaked, put me in the hospital for that afternoon, monitored me and poked me and got all crazy and no wonder my blood pressure went up, they scared me! Never any problems since and that was 37 years ago! Sorry to hear about the gallbladder though. Congrats on Max. Little boys are lovers and capture your heart instantly.

  10. Irene Barnett says:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures!

    Sorry about the gallbladder, and particularly the doctor with the bad attitude. I had a similar situation a while ago when I had to see a doctor different from my own. I was very ill and had been to the hospital for fluids. He took one look at me and saw nothing but my weight (didn’t seem to care much about my illness); said that because of my age I must have tried everything and therefore should have gastric bypass surgery! Even recommended a surgeon (suspiciously sharing his surname).

    I am large but I am not unhealthy and a long time ago I decided that I was not going to do the yo-yo dieting thing. If I hadn’t been as unwell as I was he would have got an earful.

    I do hope you have your usual doctor when you deliver.

  11. Jo Buckberry says:

    Sorry you had a bad attitude doc- because being fat is the biggest evil in the world… But happy you seem to be cool and sensible about it all. Hello little maximillian – we can’t wait to see you in the flesh!

    ETA: Hmmm, this doesn’t seem to have posted with my ID: Jo of

  12. Claire says:

    29 weeks, yay, you’re reaching the end!  Don’t worry about the bad attitude doctor – I had one for each of my three pregnancies. First time (just after xmas) I’d put on too much weight (of course, I’d been stuffing myself with goodies and owned up to it, but would doctor listen? no!) so, like you, I had to do the diabetes testing. All was normal – just too much foie gras lol. 2nd pregnancy baby was “too big” and I was told, in last semester, I wasn’t allowed to put on any more weight. Yeah baby was large, but he popped out okay. And 3rd pregnancy, baby was “too small” haha there’s no pleasing some people . . . but she was normal weight when she arrived.
    Some docs just seem to want to scare future mums and forget that being pregnant is a perfectly normal state to be in.

  13. Stitcheranon says:

    Nearly there.  Dont worry about being the odd week out or the line being too big or too small: they never got one of my three right.  Told me my first would be prem size because I didnt get very big at all (still wore my size uk 12 trousers) and she was 7 lbs 11, told me the second would be huge, he was 7lb 12 and they told me my third would be around 7 lbs and he was 8 lb 7 oz.  And all three were born at 38 weeks because that was all I was ready to put up with.  I told them severely enough was enough: 40 weeks in my book is 10 months, so it was 36 to 38 weeks or nothing rofl.  Little one will come when they are ready and that is all there is too it.  Great photos; thank you for sharing

  14. Sara says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve had some bumps in the road, hoping the rest of your pregnancy is a smooth ride. Congrats on having a Maximillian, can’t wait to see him!

  15. Kasey Koehler says:

    Wow!! Congrats on the new baby boy!! Hugs and prayers that everything goes smoothly for the rest of your pregnancy!!

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