*gasp* A WIPocalypse update from me.. and IHSW stitching…

Blue Jeans & Daisies as of 4-24-13So while I haven’t had a lot of time to stitch since Max arrived, I have done a little bit here and there. My life since the beginning of February is a bit of a blur at this point, so it’s likely that it’ll appear I’ve finished a lot more recently than actually has been done (or maybe I’ve done more than I’m aware of in my babified sleepless state).

Hopefully I won’t get a case of frogs with what I’ve stitched!

Blue Jeans and Daisies from Blue Ribbon Designs has been going well. All three parts of this pattern have now been released. What I’ve stitched is the full height of the piece, and most of part one that didn’t carry over into part two width-wise. Since this piece has a combination of framed and unframed motifs, I’m kind of just stitching wherever I feel like going. I loved stitching the tree. It’s a very striking square on the piece so far. I’m really looking forward to placing the large central motif on sometime over the summer. 🙂

For now, though I’m taking a brief break from Blue Jeans, since it’s all I’ve really stitched on in 2013. I had a piece kitted over the summer that I’d been itching to start and just didn’t get around to once pregnancy took over my life. And since this past month on the WIPocalypse was the Mirabilia month…


Shakespeare's Fairies as of 4-24-13I finally started Shakespeare’s Fairies. 🙂 This is what I focused on this past weekend for International Hermit and Stitch Weekend – mostly stitched during the Boston Bruins hockey games.  🙂 So far I’ve only been working on the central lantern carried in the piece, but it absolutely glows on this fabric, which is what I was hoping for. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the piece develops on the dark fabric – ever since I saw the original pattern, I knew I wanted to do it on dark fabric, allowing these bright lanterns to just glow in the dark.

I’m stitching Shakespeare’s Fairies on the remaining fabric from the full yard I had to purchase for my Chatelaine (Deep Blue Sea) piece. For months, I’ve been ID’ing the color as Phantom from Picture This Plus… but this cut still had the label on it… it’s actually Gothic from PTP – which explains why my fabric doesn’t have quite as much purple in it as Phantom does!  It’s 28 count, which will play nicely with the beading at the end (this is a Mira, after all… there will be bling!) I’m going to continue playing with this for the next couple of weeks and see how things go.

And the most recent photo of My Biggest WIP:

Max is Not Amused 4-24-13Max is now 6 weeks old, fast approaching 11 pounds, and already outgrowing his newborn sized clothes.  The little outfit he’s wearing today was what Erich and I bought from the gift shop in the hospital.  Max isn’t the best at breastfeeding and has been rather chompy since the beginning.  When we saw this little jumper, we had to get it.  The text on it reads “Hungry for a little attention… chomp chomp, snap snap” (and is decked out with an alligator).  We had a lovely day of 70 degrees in the afternoon, so it was just warm enough that I could comfortably keep him in short legged clothes (which is good… because I’m overdue to do some baby laundry!).

It’s amazing how he’s literally a completely different baby day to day. He even looks different. He’s getting stronger – he’s able to lift his head now on his own, although only for a short while (so the Boppy pillow comes in handy for pictures like this one). He isn’t very fond of naps during the day – by the time Erich gets home, I’m generally pretty wiped out because I’m on constant baby focus from the time Erich wakes me up (usually between 4 and 5 am) until he gets home from work (around 6 pm). At night Max will sleep in his swing, but during the day, he’ll only take little five minute cat-naps on top of me while nursing. It’s exhausting, and I’m going a bit crazy by the constant sitting (I’ve tried walks outside… it’s not a pretty scene), but I’m trying to deal as best I can. I know it won’t last that long. He’s a good-natured baby who just really, really wants to be cuddled right now, and I will oblige!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Sharine says:

    He is absolutely beautiful. My first was like that with her sleeping to but she did grow out of it so enjoy:)

  2. sue61408 says:

    Great progress on Blue Jeans! I like BRD pieces as you can jump around and still get a feeling of accomplishment. Love the fabric for Shakespeare’s Fairies – looking forward to seeing more of it. What a serious little guy and very cute too. It is amazing how quickly they change at this age isn’t it? As you said it’s like a new person every day.

  3. Deborah Bryant says:

    Blue Jeans & Daisies looks really pretty! Shakespeare’s Fairies will look great on that dark blue fabby. Enjoy every day with your baby!

  4. Claire says:

    hi Measi
    I haven’t stopped by in ages and wanted to say “congratulations” on the birth of Max ^^

  5. chiara says:

    hi Melissa! I’ve been an awful blog reader, so I just found out! so happy to see little Max! he makes a wonderful WIP, well done! congratulations!

    and that was quite a delivery, I’m so glad you found all the support and good advice you needed.

    we’re both working on Blue Jeans (I just promised myself to work more steadily on it than you will, no lovely & tiring excuse for me), I like to see how other people approach the same project – you already nailed that lovely tree with the squirrels, I’ve been dying to get to that point but promised myself I’d work all blocks downwards.

    wishing you, Eric and Max all the best, a big cuddle to all the furry ones too

    chiara – thegreytail.wordpress.com

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