August 2013 WIPocalypse Check-in Post

*checks date*

Yes, I know – I’m shocked, too! We’re halfway through August. I’ve been seeing a bunch of “Back to School” updates from friends on Facebook recently, and I can’t believe it’s already that time of year. But then this morning on my train to work it was reinforced… with the first leaves turning red. Eep! As much as I prefer autumn over summer, it still seems like this summer went by way too fast. I haven’t been to the beach or the drive-in movies yet this season, and I honestly can’t recall a year in the last decade that both of those didn’t happen.

I hope everyone’s been doing well on their personal stitching goals. Mine have been progressing right along. Nothing major to report, but I’ll have stuff to show for my own WIPocalypse post this evening.

Until next month… keep stitching!

Important SAL Announcements…

Next month’s posting date: September 19th

Themes for the upcoming month: If you’re looking for a way to decide what to work on, and want to play along with a theme idea, maybe try one (or more!) of the following:

Designer – Heaven and Earth Designs (aka HEAD)

Project Theme/Style – Specialty Stitches

Focus Colors – Brown and Green


Please remember that this stitch-a-long is intended to be fun – so if you’re too busy to post, too busy/ill/etc. to stitch – no worries. Post when you can and share what you have going, even if you’ve only been able to toss a single stitch into it. If you miss a few months, not a problem – just jump back in when you’re back with us! It’s not a race or a competition – we’re all just here to cheer each other on with our progress.

Due to different browsing software, some bloggers have found it difficult to check-in with their posts. There are three different ways to check in:
•Via Auto-link
•Via comments (make sure you include your blog address!)
•Via email – to measiwitch(at), only if the other two options are not working. Again- make sure you include your blog address! I’ll add it to the auto-link myself as I have a free moment.

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