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Sometimes I wonder how Max interprets what he sees. It’s kind of a fascinating thing – he’s 10 months old. He doesn’t have the language skills. How does he interpret the things in front of him?

What does he dream?

Does he understand what he sees?

I know he recognizes Erich and I now. He smiles at us, he does the cute little hide his head shyly in someone’s shoulder when you talk with him. But beyond identifying that we’re his parents, what does his brain process? It’s a fascinating thing watching him grow up – watch him develop every little thing along the way that as an adult I take for granted. After all, we forget that at some point, we all had to learn this stuff.

Putting a word to identify what we see. Creating language, first in the brain, then speaking it.

The amazing thing is that Max watches everything. He studies things. My friends and coworkers remark how all of his photos have him looking quite seriously into the camera, watching it, trying to understand it. I’d love to be able to hear what’s rolling around in that brain of his in comprehension at this point – but he simply doesn’t have the language to communicate it.

I’d love to know the first moment that he sees something, identifies it, and the English connection is made. I know that it’ll be mostly a silent connection within his mind, but I’ll soon know it happened as a word (or two, or three) get repeated again (and again and again). But I would love to know how he sees things now. I wish that early discovery wouldn’t be lost in the ether of baby-hood.

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  1. Janis Cox says:

    Hi there,
    I am following you from 5 minute Fridays.
    I remember watching one of our grandchildren at about that age communicate that he wanted us to turn on the fan. He was fascinated with fans. He was able to point and let us know that is exactly what he wanted. Trouble was the fan wasn’t working so one of us had to get us and manually turn the fan each time he showed us his wish.
    Even though they can’t speak they are taking everything – and I mean everything – into their minds, hearts and souls. One of the reasons that TV shouldn’t be on, no movies, no harsh language etc – as everything goes in.
    Janis Author of Tadeo Turtle

    • Kerry Harris says:

      Five minutes here goes:

      I will follow the theme of children but with a different thought.

      I sit and wish for my three children. I wish that my children could keep the innocence I see in their eyes. That I did not have to warn them of “Stranger Danger” or Bullying. I wish I could warn them that their hearts will get broken but will also heal, that their world doesn’t end if they fail at something, a lot of somethings. I wish I did not have to hear my almost 7 year old call herself fat! I wish I could get in her brain and find out who said that to her or caused her to think that she is anything but perfect (I would kick their ass!!!) I wish I had more patience and remember in the heat of the 11th trip downstairs from their bedroom, that they just missed me, instead of yelling to get back in bed. I wish that my son believed me when I told him that I am just as proud of his losses as I am his wins and will stay and watch every one no matter the outcome! I wish my youngest daughter could know that while her brother and sister push her away now, they will be her best friends when they’re older. I wish…

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