One Minute Writer: Vacation

Doing some prompt raw writing this week… 🙂

It’s been over a year since my last true vacation. I’m truly looking forward to being able to go somewhere soon, kick back, relax, and just unwind.

Part of the problem with vacation days here in the US is finding a way to use them and not feel guilty about it. I have so much to do at work, and at home… and I feel like I should be using the time off to get caught up.

(one minute prompt buzzer rang here… moving forward)

The good thing is that yes, I do have a vacation planned next month. I’m returning to the Stitcher’s Hideaway stitching retreats I did before Max’s birth. Two days of hanging out with the girls, stitching, eating way too much food, and laughing a lot. I may get a lot of stitching done or I may not. It honestly doesn’t matter – the community is what I need right now, and I’ll love every minute of it.

I’m still deciding whether to get a hotel room there or not.  It’s about an hour drive to Sturbridge – honestly not that far, and shorter than my normal daily commute.  In years past, I did stay at the hotel for three nights – I’d go the night before the retreat started, and stay until the morning after it ended.  This year I’m thinking I may just commute home in the evening to say hi to Erich and Max.  Or maybe I’ll just get a hotel room for the one night in the middle of the retreat.  Part of my reasoning is that the less money I spend on a hotel room, the more money I have to play in new stitch stash.  But honestly… I probably shouldn’t get any new stash right now anyway, since I have so much to work on.  As my fellow stitchers on Saturday mornings say, it’s not a matter of need… stash is a matter of want.

Decisions, decisions…

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  1. Andrea says:

    I had a go at the one minute blog and I loved it. You can write a surprising amount in a minute I found. I’ve never heard of stitching retreats before, but it sounds like fun. Hanging out with girl friends and chilling out. Hope you have an awesome time! Blessings, Andrea

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