WIPocalypse, IHSW, and Upcoming Projects…

This past weekend was the monthly “International Hermit and Stitch” Weekend, and the WIPocalypse check-in was last week. I decided to wait until this week because I knew I’d have a finish to share from the weekend and wanted to get it up as my first post of the year. 🙂

Since this is my first WIPocalypse entry for the year, I’ll start off with this month’s check-in topic: Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year.

*waves at everyone* My name is Melissa, but most folks online know me as Measi. I’m 39, married, mom of a (currently) 10 month old, and owned by 7 cats who would rather sit on my stitching than let me actually complete it. I’ve been cross stitching since age 10 or 11… I learned as part of a 5th grade art project and was instantly hooked. These days my stitching really is my way of unwinding and re-grounding after juggling all of the needs at work and home. It’s also my weekly escape out with friends at the library for a few hours. We hang out, enjoy our morning beverages of choice (sweet, sweet coffee in my case), stitch, and have a really good time joking around.

After last year being pretty much a wash for any stitching progress, I’m hoping to get back on a limited track this year. I don’t expect to finish much, but I am hoping to make progress on several things. This is my list for the year:

1) Wimpel for my friend’s daughter. I was asked to help build and decorate the long sash-like cloth that’s used to wrap the Torah during religious life milestones (Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, etc.). I’m extremely flattered at the request and hope that my work won’t disappoint. This is my first time doing one. This project will likely consume almost all of my time in February, as it’s needed by March 1st. I have my starting supplies… I just need to get my fabric tracer pen and start working on developing the embroidery motifs.

2) Band Sampler Round Robin – I couldn’t stay away from the robins forever.  🙂  This year I’m participating with six other women across the USA, Canada, and UK in a round robin themed to embroidery bands.  They’ll be of different styles and designers.  Our rotation schedule is every six weeks, so I’ll be pretty active with updates on this one.  Mine will return to me sometime in October if all goes well.

3) Floral Bellpull by Teresa Wentzer.  This has been on my “to finish” list for a long time.  I have about a block and a half, plus some backstitching to do.  *sigh*

4) Elemental Dragons by Dragon Dreams.  These have been meandering projects for me, but now that I have a little boy, I really want to get them done.

5) Max’s birth sampler.  I selected “To Have a Child” by Rosewood Manor.  I’m not planning on completing it this year, but I’d like to at least get a good start on it.

6) Work on at least 5 other pieces to progress them. I don’t care which.  🙂

That’s my starting list.  I’m sure it’ll change a bit throughout the year.  We’ll see where my free time leads!

So for progress reports this month… I sent off my band sampler to England for its first stop on the robin yesterday.  Here’s how it looked when I put it into the post:

Band Sampler as of 1-31-14
Band Sampler as of January 21, 2014. Stitched on antique white 28 ct evenweave with silk floss.

The top and bottom bands are from a book called A Beginner’s Guide to Blackwork by Leslie Wilkins.  The second band (green with the hearts) is adapted from my son’s birth sampler.  The third band is made of rice stitches in two colors of floss.  The fourth (yellow) is a long-armed cross stitch.

Very happy with how it looks so far, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what the other stitchers add to it!

And that’s my update for the month.

Happy stitching everyone!

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  1. Kerry Pickering says:

    The band sampler is beautiful. A great start. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the others too as the year rolls on

  2. Jan says:

    Well it looks like you’ve got your ducks all in a row as far as this years Wipocalypse list. That Wimpel sounds fascinating can’t wait to see the progress posts on that one.

  3. Rachel says:

    Beautiful start on your Round Robin! I love band samplers – looking forward to seeing how this looks when it’s finished! Best of luck with your WIPs this year, and thanks so much for hosting this!!

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