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By word of mouth from a friend of a friend, I stumbled upon a lovely blog project full of crafty folks.  Over 500 bloggers are connecting today through this project.  If you’re swinging by via the Grow Your Blog event from 2 Bags Full… welcome!  Please leave your name and your link so I’ll be certain to stop by your site as well.  🙂

To introduce myself to new folks stopping by (and others who haven’t been around for one of the various re-intros I’ve done over the years)…

My name is Melissa. I normally go by Measi online, which is a childhood nickname that has stuck through the years. I’m 39, married, a mom to one adorable little baby boy, and owned by 7 cats (yes… my husband and I are crazy cat people). We live in New England.

I’ve been keeping a blog for well over a decade now. Measi’s Musings started on the now defunct Diary-X site in 2001 and wandered over here around 2005. At the end of this March, my blog will become a teenager! Perhaps that means I need to go into a state of blogger rebellion… hmmm…

Originally my blog started simply because I had too many thoughts in my brain and my longhand diary was simply not enough to keep up with them. I go through phases with it – sometimes it’s about family, sometimes about my cross stitching, sometimes about my Pagan faith. I host a monthly blog-posting stitch-a-long that’s primarily (but not limited to) cross stitch called the WIPocalypse. I share stories about all of my interests – my wandering explorations of New England’s backroads, penpalling (and my newfound love of fountain pens), gardening, books, recipies… it meanders simply because I do. It’s a record of me – unscripted, normally written raw and unedited, and always completely from the heart.

If you’d like to follow me, you’ll find several ways on the top right of my blog. Just click the appropriate social button.

Looking forward to meeting you via the digital inky trail!

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  1. Tina B says:

    While cross stitch may make my head hurt , lol, it seems we have alot in common ! I tend to blog just about my quilting, since if I actually typed out all the thoughts that were in my head, well, I would end up with the keyboard physically attached to my fingers !

  2. Dawn Castrova says:

    Hello , my name is Dawn your my one stop on the blog party, Hope that I soon will be friends with all of you cyber neighbors. I just say that 600 plus bloggers that sign up to the Party and I am only up to 173 whew a lot of good read and great giveaways Can’t wait to see more of your great projects in the making. My Blogger site and contact info is

  3. Tisha says:

    I am 39 too! Well, I’ll be 40 in a little over 2 months…

    Thanks for sharing your blog. I’m still working through all the blogs from GYB. A little over 1/3 of the way through. Please feel free to visit my embroidery blog. (I’m in the 1st set on the list.)


  4. Judy C says:

    Great to meet you during my tour of the blogs on the hop. It has been such fun to meet so many talented people and read what excites them. Thanks for sharing.

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