Where I’ve been, what I’m doing…

*dusts off some cobwebs*

See what happens when you get busy on a project and lose your rhythm? The blog goes kaput for a few weeks.

Sorry about that. 🙂

A lot of things have been happening since the beginning of February in our household. Most of them very good, a couple rocky ones, but overall things are just fine here. I definitely have a lot of fodder to craft blog posts for the next couple weeks!

The quick rundown of things that happened (which I’ll get into with future blog posts):

  • Max turned one last week. I know – we can’t believe it either!
  • My mom, Erich’s dad, and his wife came down over last weekend to celebrate with us. We had a great time.
  • I spent most of February working on a commissioned stitching piece for a friend’s daughter. (that’s honestly what spiraled my blog writing off… I was focused)
  • I attended Stitcher’s Hideaway for a much needed escape in February
  • Max’s daycare provider went into the hospital and is still in care. We’ve had to do some creative juggling
  • BOTH of my parents are selling their houses and are moving within the next few months.
  • I have some personal stitching progress to share
  • Today marks the 20th anniversary since I was inducted into the Tau Beta Sigma sorority.
  • I won a fountain pen through a giveaway on Facebook – and I’m officially hooked on them.
  • LetterMo was a success.  I managed to complete the project, make some new friends, and OMG the mail… 🙂
  • My 13th (yes… THIRTEENTH) Blogoversary is coming up at the end of this month.  I may need to do a giveaway of some sort to celebrate.
  • I have a slew of Pagan Blog Project posts to catch up on… so I’ll be posting those on Fridays and Sundays for the next six weeks until I’m caught up.


So yes… lots to talk about, which is great. So check back often… I’m planning to get a lot of new stuff in this space!

Happy Thursday!

– Melissa

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  1. Leonore Winterer says:

    I was wondering if you’re alright with the long no-posting time…glad to her you are and looking forward to your updates ^_^

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