WIP… er… Thursday

I’ve been a very, very busy stitcher since early February, mostly on one project… but now it’s cascaded down into the other projects I had planned… and I’m attempting to catch up on what I’d laid out as goals for 2014.  Typical me… diving into way too much.

Anyway, the big BIG project was my first ever commissioned piece… it’s called a wimpel (no relation to a nun’s wardrobe), and is used to wrap the Torah during big life events.  One of my friends asked me to help create it for his daughter.  I was flattered and dove into the challenge… taking the sketch that she and her dad had come up with and transcribing it to cloth and floss.  And I think I did it pretty well, too.

Here’s the final result, which is 70 inches long so my husband’s wingspan is required to hold it up:

Adryth's Wimpel 3-5-14

Erich’s not angry, I promise. He’s just phobic of smiling sometimes. 🙂 (that, and he was tired of me panicking by the end of this). This was before the piece was ironed, hence the bottom hem curling.

The photos are printed on fabric paper… pretty nifty stuff. I found it in the quilting section of Joann’s. Runs through an ink-jet printer, and just needs to be ironed and soaked in vinegar to colorfast. Aside from the border, everything else was stitched by hand (including the photo collages).

The wimpel is currently hanging up in the family’s congregational synagogue with the rest of the wimpels from A’s classmates. When it’s taken down, I’ll be doing some fine-tuning and finishing. The horses need to be filled in (I’m planning on applique at this point, since I don’t think stitches are really going to work well). I’d also like to get a little more detail in both the mountain and beach scenes. I ran out of time to get the back on it, and I need to do some fixing on the border, but will probably require my mother’s assistance to do it correctly (since I’m a sewing machine novice). But it was together enough for the original consecration ceremony… and my friend and his wife were very pleased with it. So I am as well. 🙂

This project had a lot of firsts for me – this was my first attempt at freehand embroidery, at doing my own sketchwork, etc. Not to mention my first ever time using a sewing machine (eep!). I’m particularly proud of how the flags and the palm tree leaves came out.The flags are done in overlapping cross stitches. The palm leaves are done in the appropriately named leaf stitch (basically a long-armed cross stitch variant).

And I might add – I did this entire project start to finish in my non-work hours over 3 weeks. So apparently if I really put my mind to it, I can in fact stitch quickly!

The other project that I’ve worked on recently is the band sampler round robin.  Round one is now complete.  I worked on Rachel’s this round.  Here’s how I received it:

Rachel's RR as received...

And here’s how I sent it off a couple weeks ago:

Rachel's RR as sent 3/7/14

My bands are a mix from Victoria Sampler’s Silk Wisteria and personal tinkering. 🙂

I’m now working on a surprise gift for someone (which I’ll show once it’s done and received), and then I have the next round of the band sampler to complete by mid-April.

One of these days I’ll hopefully get to the TW Tinies project!

Happy stitching…

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  1. Faith says:

    What a beautiful gift you made for your friend’s daughter. It is sure to become a family keepsake! Your stitching on the round robin is beautiful too.

  2. Leonore Winterer says:

    Wait, theses collages are completely stitched? Within THREE weeks? While also working? I salute you, I could never be anywhere as fast. With that determination, you’ll reach your other goals in absolutely no time!

  3. Joanne P says:

    Your wimpel is lovely. Please could we have some closeups of the horses and other stitched parts when you get it back?

    That Band Sampler looks strangely familiar to me…

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