Five Minute Friday: Long

Five-Minute-Friday-4 Those who’d like to participate in Five Minute Friday will write for five minutes on the topic of the week, post it on their own blog and link up the post here.  This is meant to be a free write, which means: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation.

Just write.

 This week’s prompt is:  LONG

I’m honestly ready for this year to end.  I thought that Max’s first year of life was a difficult one, but 2014 has been horribly long, painful, and an emotional rollercoaster that I just can’t seem to wrap my head around.  Three deaths, buried at work, finances tighter than ever… it just doesn’t seem to end.

And still, I feel ashamed for the self-pity party, knowing that others in the world have it tremendously harder.

Seriously – I don’t get how they cope.  I really don’t.

The odd thing is how short the year has felt in many ways.  With so many events back to back to back, the time is absolutely flying.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was holding my newborn son in my arms?  No – that was nineteen months ago.  He’s now a crazy little toddler, running and climbing and insisting that everyone is “daddy” (we’re working on it…).  I can barely lift him, he’s so big.

So where did the good time go to counter the bad times this year?

It’s the middle of October.  The Christmas-is-looming season has started, bypassing all of Halloween and Thanksgiving’s worth.  Macy’s will be opening up earlier on Thanksgiving than ever (what is wrong with people who want to eliminate the holiday?!?).  Thankfully that won’t happen here due to blue laws that now contain some semblance of kindness – the employees can’t clock in at those stores until midnight.  Stores won’t open until the morning on Black Friday.

And here I am, ready for the year to end… yet I dread the upcoming holiday season and wish it wouldn’t arrive in many ways.

I’m just so confused.  And tired.  And ready for a long, long vacation.

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  1. Amanda says:

    I thought I needed vacations when I used to work. Now that I have a 16 month old going to the grocery store alone feels like a vacation. Were in this together. Sending you love and blessing your way.

  2. richelle @ our wright-ing pad says:

    Yeah – I don’t understand either. Same phenomenon where the days seem to drag on forever yet all of the sudden a week or a month is just gone and you can’t figure out what you did or where it went.

    May God overwhelm you with His grace – even in the midst of such challenging times.

  3. Joanne P says:

    How does time do that? It seems like only last month we were getting a diagnosis and starting the journey with our son. I distinctly remember saying “it will be three very long, difficult years but then we will know where he is”. And it’s been three years already! And I was right! Everything is settled education-wise, he is happy and thriving. And those three long years have flashed past in a blur!

  4. Carol says:

    I don’t know if this is comforting, but every mother has these moments. Hang on! And honestly, when you look back, the time will seem to have flown by and you’ll wonder what happened! My three are all teenagers and I swear I just blinked between babyhood and these years. But tired? Oh we’ve all been there!

  5. Denise says:

    Oh, a vacation would be lovely!

    Hoping things get better for you. The holidays should be a wonderful time of year, not to be dreaded. Though I’ve had my share of awful, stressful holidays. Let’s hope this year will be better!

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