Cold November Rain

The last day of my vacation will be spent curled up as much as possible under a quilt, sipping tea, and trying to stay warm.  The gorgeous Indian Summer weather we had only a few days ago already seems like a long-ago memory.  November has arrived with authority – a nasty, cold, wet day.  Just east and north of us, there’s snow falling.  Somehow Providence has a heat island keeping the flakes at bay for now.  I doubt that will be able to sustain much longer, though.

Autumn is over.  Pre-winter is here.

(collective… ugh).

While I won’t be blogging quite as insanely as I did in October, I am keeping myself on a task for November.  As in recent years past, I won’t be doing NaNoWriMo… it’s just not possible with a toddler.  And honestly – I’ve done it.  I don’t feel the need to venture back into NaNo again, especially now that it seems to have morphed out of writing a new piece in November into “write anything in November.”  Maybe I’m old skool on this, but it seems to have deteriorated the project.

No biggie… nothing lasts forever.

(cue Guns & Roses here…)


I will, however, be focusing on my mail pile.  I have quite a stack of letters to respond to, thanks to all of the craziness this year.  So for November, my goal is to just write one letter per day.  Just one.  I’m not responding to them in order received; I’ll just do a blind draw, pull a letter from the pile, and write.  Along the way I’ll have fun with Fountain Pen Day, celebrating some of the really funky ink colors I now own.

But first, another cup of tea, some computer gaming, and some “me” time since Max is down for a nap…

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