December 2014 WIPocalyse Check-in

wipocalypse2014Hello fellow stitchers!

It’s the last check-in of 2014.  How the heck has it been another year?!?  I swear my brain keeps thinking it’s still only the first year of this stitch-a-long, not the end of the third.  I’m thrilled that so many people are still traveling this WIP journey with  me, and that they still want to share their progress every month.  I look forward to the continuing – and new – faces among us in 2015.

I’ve been doing a little bit of tidying for the info pages today.  The new info page and signup list is now live.  You’ll find the dates for 2015 there, plus the monthly questions (so far) provided. Please note that there are TWO full moons in July this year – so we’ll have 13 check-ins, not 12! The nice part of that blue moon, though, is that it will then push the check-ins for the latter half of the year toward the end of the month. In fact, the last full moon for 2015 falls on Christmas Day (which will likely result in the final post for the year being a couple days late).

I don’t have buttons ready for 2015 yet. The past three years have been heavy on the Teresa Wentzler designs, which I personally love, but I know they’re likely not everyone’s cup of tea. SO… I’m going to get a couple of different options ready, and hope to have them uploaded by next

After three years with SimplyLinked, I’m trying a more colorful linking system that I see on a lot of blogs with “Link Parties.”  InLinks allows you to add a photo from your blog to your link.  I hope you’ll all enjoy the upgrade.  I’ve started it with the signup page, and also below with this month’s check-in. If it doesn’t work, there’s always the option to go back… but I love the ability to add photos to your linkup!

A very happy holiday season to you and yours, regardless of which faith you follow, and which of the myriad gorgeous celebrations happen in December, and safe and happy celebrations to bring in 2015!

Happy stitching,

Important SAL Announcements…

Next month’s posting date: January 5th

This month’s topic is: Recap your accomplishments for the year! (Your finishes, your final before/after photos, etc)

Topic for next month:  .Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

Please remember that this stitch-a-long is intended to be fun – so if you’re too busy to post, too busy/ill/etc. to stitch – no worries. Post when you can and share what you have going, even if you’ve only been able to toss a single stitch into it. If you miss a few months, not a problem – just jump back in when you’re back with us! It’s not a race or a competition – we’re all just here to cheer each other on with our progress.

Due to different browsing software, some bloggers have found it difficult to check-in with their posts. There are three different ways to check in:

  • Via Auto-link
  • Via comments (make sure you include your blog address!)
  • Via email – to measiwitch(at), only if the other two options are not working. Again- make sure you include your blog address! I’ll add it to the auto-link myself when I have a free moment.


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  1. Suz says:

    The new link system is fancy! I like it!

    I really look forward to next year’s WIPocalypse! My “main” goals are actually a couple of TW finishes, so I wouldn’t cry if you didn’t change the button to a non-TW 😉

  2. Lynn Jones says:

    I can’t believe this year of WIPocalypse has come to a close already! Thanks for all the work you have done to keep this group going! I’ve added my last post for the year and I’ve signed on again for 2015. See you then!

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