WIP Wednesday: My January WIPocalypse entry

With a new year of WIPocalypse starting, I’m feeling like I’m ready to tackle some real stitching goals this year.  I have some good stitching mojo going, and a relatively good schedule set aside for some personal time.  (and yes, this entry is some mental pump-up time, can you tell?)

But before all that… for the new WIPocalypse folks stopping by… *wave*  I’m Melissa.  I’m a few days shy of 40.  I’m married to Erich, who respects my love of stitching and is afraid of my stash at the same time, Mom to Max, who’s 22 months old, and owned by 6 very opinionated cats who firmly believe that their fur belongs in everything I stitch.

I learned to cross stitch in 5th grade as part of an art project in school, and was hooked.  Although I’ve had a couple years here and there where I haven’t stitched, I’ve never lost my enjoyment of stitching as a whole.  Only in the last 10 years or so, though, is when I felt like I truly felt like I’d found a home among stitchers.  The internet helped me get there, and helped me find people locally who love to curl up with a hoop or a frame, grumble about the common occasional failure to count to one or two (depending on the fabric), and have a good time.

I’m a self-professed huge project addict.  Some (including me) might call it an illness, especially my infatuation with Teresa Wentzler projects.  It’s a good illness to have, unless one wants a lot of finishes, of course.  And that lead me to kicking off the WIPocalypse in the first place – to push myself to make progress, and to celebrate the journey of creating these pieces.

And in 2012 (the first year of the stitch-a-long), I became pregnant.  And that kind of took over all of my planned stitching time.

So in a lot of ways, even though I’ve been part of the WIPocalypse since the very (very!) beginning, this is really my first full year participating.  🙂

About a month ago, I made a list of all of the pieces I could think of that have stalled out in my WIP pile.  There’s a  lot there, and obviously setting goals to finish everything is unrealistic.  Instead, I’ve narrowed it down to the following goals.  Anything over these will be a wonderful bonus:

Completion Goals:

  • One Teresa Wentzler piece (most likely Floral Bellpull)
  • Blue Jeans & Daisies
  • Band Sampler RR from 2014
  • Witches Wheel
  • Inn at Fox River Mill
  • You Were Hatched
  • Apache Wedding Blessing
  • Max’s Birth Sampler

Progress Goals

  • Deep Blue Sea – get through at least part 4
  • Work at least one 10 hour rotation on each other piece I have listed

Avoidance Goals

  • No round robin stitching this year
  • Spending money on too many new pieces – I need to stitch from stash

It may look like I’m a bit heavy on the finishes, but with the exception of Max’s sampler and Witches Wheel, they’re all quite far along and very doable.  I just need to sit down and commit to them.  🙂

I did allow myself one new start to kick off the new year.  This is Freedom from Seba Designs.  It’s an interesting blackwork piece where each stitcher gets to choose fabric, floss, and the placement of a number of different patterns within the squares.  So each stitcher’s work will be slightly different.  This is my progress after about four evenings of stitching:

10922386_10102790827062000_7279438734900475928_oI’m stitching on an unlabeled piece of opalescent fabric (28 count) from my stash.  It’s likely an older dyelot of Silkweaver (Midas Touch, perhaps)?  The frame stitching is done in GAST Black Crow, and I’m using a Threadworx overdye for all of the internal squares.  So far it’s been a nice, quick stitch, and the blackwork is a nice change since I do want to get a bit more practice with it.  🙂

Until my next update… happy stitching everyone!



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    • Measi says:

      Did I mention the blackwork is currently a free pattern if you join the facebook group. 🙂 (not to further tempt you or anything).

      They’ll all get pulled out at some point this year – but I need to finish at least one of them, so that’ll be the focus. Then after that, it’s a free-for-all!

  1. Ruth says:

    You go! Love the adventurous goals. And I am seriously envying your Seba piece.

    May 2015 treat your stitching and you kindly.

    • Measi says:

      Thanks Judith! Hopefully I’m not biting off more than I can chew with these goals… I don’t think so, but the year is still young.

  2. Brigitte says:

    You have some great plans for this year. I also have a passion for really big projects and can’t have enough of them. So I can really understand you.
    Good luck with all your goals. Great new start, too.

    • Measi says:

      Thanks Brigitte. The big project illness is definitely an illness, but a good one to have, isn’t it?

      Best of luck with yours as well!

    • Measi says:

      Thanks Chiara!

      Blue Jeans is moving along pretty well – there’s still a lot to do, but it’s a fun and easy stitch (just a lot on the piece!) I hope you’re enjoying it.

      Good luck with your projects!

    • Measi says:

      Yeah – possibly a bit too much, but hey, dream big, right? 🙂

      And yes’um. Needle’s coming out as soon as the work day ends. 🙂

    • Measi says:

      Thanks Katy!

      Love that you’re stitching OUAT… that’s on my “to start” list once I get a few of these projects cleared out of the queue!

  3. Jan says:

    Love the new start! You have ambitious goals for the year and I hope you get lots done. Everyone in this group has beautiful projects and you are all so young! Guess I’ll be the oldest – turning 70 in March.

  4. Marcy says:

    I love your new project … what is the name of the Facebook page? I’m tempted … not that I need another project, mind you. Good luck with your stitching. Love the blue jeans and daisy one.

  5. Susan says:

    Really like how you’ve organized your projects into the goals. I need to go back and do that. Yours is the second Freedom that I have seen in the last couple of days. I need to go check it out.

  6. Rosey175 says:

    Oooh lofty goals for 2015~ I am too afraid of BAPs for now, maybe someday when I can stitch faster, haha. 😀

    Could you tell me what that little dude is in the top right of your photo? Is he a needle keeping scissor fob frog?

  7. Christine says:

    always grateful that the Internet brought me to wonderful Stitcher’s, and hope you never mind that I’ve enabled you with finding fabric for “huge” projects! :). I am so looking forward to seeing wht 2015 brings in terms of starts, WIPs, and finishes!

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