Five Minute Friday: Welcome

14888259519_6a3bea646d_mThose who’d like to participate in Five Minute Friday will write for five minutes on the topic of the week, post it on their own blog and link up the post here.  This is meant to be a free write, which means: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation.

Just write.

This week’s prompt is:  WELCOME

Last night, New Englanders discovered that Boston was selected to be the bidding city from the USA for the 2024 Olympics.  The romantic in me thinks this is awesome – Boston’s a gorgeous city, an amazing blend of the oldest and newest among American architecture, a melting pot of universities which bring students from all over the world, a unique place with absolutely beautiful scenery, both in the city and out.

Of course, New Englanders don’t have the reputation of being the most welcoming people.  We’re often seen as cold, rude, foul-tempered.  As a transplant to the area, I was braced for that when I moved here, coming from an area of the country where people were considered friendly, straight forward, welcoming.

Honestly, I found New Englanders to be much moreso – they’re just less tolerant of “fake.”  They’re blunt and direct, and a bit less trusting of those who are new, but once they know who you are… they’re the most devoted and reliable people around.

But like I said – the romantic in me thinks this is awesome.  The practical side of me is screaming in horror about the idea.  Boston’s still recovering from the boondoggle of financial mess that was the Big Dig.  Getting right back into a multi-year massive construction project fills me with dread.  As much as I’d like to enjoy riding commuter rail train cars that weren’t manufactured in West Germany (yes… West.), I simply can’t believe the committee’s claims that no taxpayer money will go toward this.  If there is this private financing that they claim exists, great – start putting it toward all of the much-needed infrastructure upgrades before there’s any event on the horizon.  I simply can’t see the entire MBTA being upgraded by 2024, when one station alone (Government Center) is currently closed down for two years for upgrades.

And that’s just the T.

Would I be welcoming if the Olympics came here?  Yes.  But it’s a massively bad idea, completely impractical, and… terrifying.


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  1. Rose Catriona says:

    I love how you explain how the culture is to us non-New Englanders! I am one of those who would think having the Olympics in Boston would be fabulous! But not living there means I have no idea of what is going on there and how hosting them would be financially detrimental.

    I love your clear, concise writing style! I”m almost envious of how easy you make writing off the cuff look! I look forward to reading more.

  2. Anita Ojeda says:

    I was a parent chaperone when my daughters’ small town small school in Montana went on a week-long trip to Boston. I got to drive a van full of giggling boys and try to navigate the area–NOT easy! I loved Boston, but wasn’t so impressed with how roads could be open and going one direction one day, and be closed or going the opposite direction the next day. This was back in 2008, so it was probably during the Big Dig ;). It was CRAZY!

  3. Melissa (@TheDailyMel) says:

    Awesome post, Measi! I’ve been in Boston a few times (back in the 90s) and absolutely loved the city, but even back then, traffic was a nightmare. If they are going to be a serious contender for the games, like you, I really hope they start working on infrastructure first!

    P.S. – After seeing the badge on your blog last week, I’ve decided to play along for Five Minute Friday as well. 🙂

  4. Carla Eldridge says:

    Never been to Boston and am not up on the political aspirations or the construction debacles, but from what I’ve seen in pictures and read about it, it is gorgeous and historical….the rest of the info gets put into a box and never opened again, ha ha. I’d like to think the best of any big beautiful city!

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