Five Minute Friday: When


This week’s prompt is:  WHEN

Like a lot of people, I find myself dreaming a lot more about the future than I do spending the time appreciating what’s happening around me now.

when this happens… I will…

There was a lot of “when I turn 21…”  “when I turn 25…”  “when I turn 40…”

And now I find myself having to stop thinking about my son’s life the same way.  His life changes so quickly, and I need to stop myself to savor what he’s doing now.  Because the growth is so fast that if I plan on when something else will happen… I will miss what’s happening around me now.

For example – this week, he finally really got into hugging.  Full-force toddler envelopment hugging, complete with saying “hug” as he does it.

It absolutely melts me, and I watch him, amazed that this time last year, he wasn’t walking, was barely talking, and here he is now – expressing himself both physically and verbally at the same time.

My friends with kids told me that I would blink and miss things if I didn’t just kick back and watch it happen.  They’re so right.  That newborn stage?  Gone in a flash.  Infant?  Seemed to take forever at the time, but same thing… gone in a flash.  Now every day he has more vocabulary words and he gets a little braver about exploring the world around him.  Sometimes a little too brave, perhaps.

We’ll cross those bridges of “oh god, you’re way too young for that” when we come to them, I suppose.

Hopefully I’ll remember to just enjoy the ride, and stop looking too far ahead on the map.

Those who’d like to participate in Five Minute Friday will write for five minutes on the topic of the week, post it on their own blog and link up the post here.  This is meant to be a free write, which means: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation.
Just write.
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  1. Michelle says:

    There’s a saying that goes “Life is what happens when your busy planning for the future.” I believe it whole-heartedly. I have five boys. My oldest just turned 16. I spent so much time trying to prepare for every possible situation, that I ended missing a lot of the stuff that was happening with him. I now have learned to savor the times that He and my younger ones are around me. I know the older they get, the less they will want to be around. I know one day they will turn 16 and I will say “Where did all the years go?” I know because it’s happened with one already. I want my kids to remember me for the time I spent with them – not the time I spent preparing for them. Really great post and reminder to live in the now because tomorrow is never promised!

  2. Diana Rockwell says:

    As someone who has raised her sons, time does fly by. I now watch as my grandchildren are growing and they are growing up before my eyes. So journal the cute sayings. My granddaughter recently said to me as we were coloring, “Seriously, Grandma you are that old and you can color that good.” Stopping by on Five Minute Friday.

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