Five Minute Friday: Gather


This week’s prompt is:  GATHER

I come from the “generation” (for lack of a better term) of bloggers where there weren’t financial benefits to be had. We posted something online, we developed connections across the Internet, and we created something out of an empty space. There were no rules, no guidelines, no SEO or any of that nonsense. There were just people, sitting at computers, expressing themselves.

To write an entry, I first need to gather my thoughts. I firmly believe in writing my blog entries off-the-cuff. Spelling errors might get fixed, but then again, they might not. I see my blogging space as an electronic form of a pen and paper journal. If it would exist there, it can exist here… the electronic medium simply allows my hands to keep up with my brain a little better.

What I’ve found over the years is that blogging is an outlet to connect with others across the miles that you’d never find otherwise. My maid of honor, Melinda, is someone I met via Diary-X fourteen (!!) years ago. We’ve only been in the presence of each other’s company three times – once when she came to Boston, once for her wedding, and then once for mine. She met her husband through blogging. They’re meeting up with friends in Green Bay this weekend for an epic retreat of insanity called Weetacon, which I keep wanting to attend, but never can quite find the means to get to.

This weekend is also PaxEast in Boston – where tens of thousands of geeks descend upon the aircraft hanger-sized expo center in Boston to celebrate their love of gaming, both in electronic and tabletop form. (I missed the ticket announcement, so no going there, either).

And then there is my stitching group, which I meandered into via blogging, chat forums, Facebook, etc. I never, EVER thought I’d find another person who enjoyed stitching, let alone a solid group of women that I can see every weekend for a few hours to stitch, bitch, and unwind.

These communities that I’ve discovered have been thanks to blogging. Blogging allows us to connect to people, to form new gatherings, new communities, and enrich our lives.

So for all of the talk about the depravity of the internet, there is just as much – if not more – beauty to find in it. The beauty of connection, of community.

And for that, I will never, ever think of blogging as a detrimental thing.

The end of this month marks fourteen years. Fourteen.

Where has the time gone? Where will it go from here?

– STOP –


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  1. Patty Mejia Burke says:

    Loved your post. It’s so important to have friends to gather with…I’ve met so many people over the years of my blogging and being on social media.

    Come check out my thoughts on GATHER.

  2. Sylvia Perez-Hardy says:

    Measi, I have two questions which are off topic for your Five minute Friday. The both have to do with WIPocalypse which I am signed up for.
    The first is how do I grab the WIPocalypse button with the url asssociate with it for my blog.
    Secondly Iam not getting notified when you post your WIPocalypse post so That I can add the URL for my post. I got it in January but have not seen it show up for February or March. Can you email me and let me know what I am doing wrong please? Thank You.

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