Five Minute Friday: Real


This week’s prompt is:  REAL

Ostara morning broke cold and overcast today… but regardless of what the temperature is saying, today marks a wonderful turning point for those of us here in New England.

Yes, Spring exists.  It’s real, and it starts today.

Throughout most of February, the idea of warmth – and bare grass – were just an illusion.  Under inches that became feet of snow, the earth lay quiet, waiting.  While its residents dreaded the next round of snowfall, the Earth knew… spring was coming.  Soon, the rebirth would be real.

And now here we are – on a day that not only marks Ostara… the Spring Equinox.  It’s also the day of a total solar eclipse, one of those special and only to be had here on Earth occurrences.  It’s quite a beautiful thing in nature, an event that happens purely because of the size and positions of our sun, moon, and planet.

But as I stepped out the door this morning, I shivered… it felt just as cold as it has been recently.  The snow, while decreasing, is still there.  Spring may be here, but it still feels a heck of a lot like winter.

And then beneath the bushes along our driveway, I saw it – that first sign of spring.  The true mark that the seasons are changing… the peeping of my mini daffodils, breaking through the earth.  And I smiled.

There can be no mistake – Spring is Real, and it’s finally here.


See that bush right next to my car? That’s where I found the daffodils this morning! 🙂 (this photo was from Feb. 9th)


Shivering but happily yours,


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