Five Minute Friday: Good


This week’s prompt is:  GOOD

Today is Good Friday – a day that I don’t celebrate religiously, but because of my heritage, still has some importance from an emotional standpoint.

I confess – I’ve never liked the idea of it being a “good” day.  I get why it’s called that – it’s the day, after all, that was the life’s work completion for Jesus Christ.  But regardless of who it was, I can’t wrap my head around the murder of anyone being good… even if it did fulfill a huge definition of faith for millions of people around the world.

Yet as a believing Pagan, I know that life and death are intertwined… neither is necessarily good or bad… they just are.  Life is life.  Death is death.  Both are eventual, just in different forms, cycles, and lengths.

But still… it doesn’t feel like a “Good” Friday.  It’s a day symbolizing torture and a horrific death.  It’s the day that we are reminded of when we walk into a church, and see the crucifix hanging over the altar area in the front.  It’s rather grisly, actually.

But again – that’s life.  Life isn’t perfect or clean.  It’s a messy business, full of of highs and lows, pain and joy.  I suppose in a way, that does make it a good day… it’s a day that reaffirms the cycle of life, even to those of us who don’t see Jesus Christ as divine.  It’s a reaffirmation that the cycle is never ending.  Rebirth comes after a life and death, and the cycle is renewed again for another year… the winds of spring are here, a new season of growth arrives, and the promises of Ostara are coming into fruition.

So maybe it is good.  Just not happy good.  Good in that reassuring, life-goes-on and it’s all okay good.



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  1. David Ozab says:

    Hi Melissa! It’s great to hear an opinion about today from a voice outside the Christian community. I am a Catholic and of course this day is important to me (and good in that it leads to Easter), but it’s also good in a way to remember just how horrific crucifixion was, and how wrong torture and killing still are. One more good thing? That people of different beliefs can work together to end injustice and suffering. Blessings to you and thanks for your perspective.

  2. Natasha says:

    Thank you for sharing today. Whether you are a believer or not, just believing that the actions that led to the death of Jesus were not justified is wonderful to share. We should all look for the injustice in the world and respond. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. peppylady (Dora) says:

    Amen…I’ve never could get into the “Good Friday” thing at all. Some one be torture and blood of christ washing way my sin…Jesus or anyone else isn’t respondble for my spirit or soul.
    It up to me and only me. Will I have things to answer for when I cross bet.
    Coffee is on

  4. Leonore Winterer says:

    Good thoughts…as a non-native speaker of English, I’m a bit confused by the term ‘Good friday’ as well. In German the day is called ‘Karfreitag’, with ‘kar’ being an old German word that means something like mourning and being sad, so we actually have more of a ‘Sad Friday’ here. Which does make more sense in my opinion 🙂

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