Five Minute Friday: Door


This week’s prompt is:  DOOR

It’s 9 am on Friday, May 1st… Beltane.  One of my high holy days of the year.  And oh, Spring is here in all of its beauty.  It’s still a little cool.  The chill is in the air this morning, but I know from the forecast that today is the last gasp of that battle with winter.  This weekend, the warm weather will roll in, and spring will have conquered the long, harsh winter we’ve had in New England for good.

For this year, of course.

Spring is the time that I love to throw open the kitchen door as I putter around the house.  The sweet smell of the flowers roll through the screen with the warmer breezes.  The sound of windchimes tickles the air.  Even on a rainy day, that open door in springtime seems to brighten the house, brighten my spirits.

And once it’s open for the spring, that door rarely closes until October when my husband or I are home.  Bring the outside in, let the two worlds mingle.  The day in October when the door and the windows finally have to be shut for the year is a small moment of mourning.  The world is going back to sleep, and our house will reflect the weather outside – bundled, cold, insulted, closed to the world around us.


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  1. Tara says:

    Visiting from FMF! I so feel this way too. Winters in North Dakota can be extremely long too! Love Spring and seeing the doors swung wide open as people emerge from their winter hibernation.

  2. Bevy @ treasured up and pondered says:

    Hello – from FMF. I’m your neighbor over there!! 🙂

    Nice thoughts here, today… and yes!! Open that door as long as possible, eh? And, the door to your heart – even longer!


    ~ Bevy @

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