My Stitching Dreams and Goals for 2017

Max is getting a little older, and so I’m hoping that this year can be the one that I get back into my groove with my stitching. I’ve been in a bit of a chaotic “just grab that one” mode for a while, and it’s definitely not my preferred stitching style. I like a rotation, and I feel like I make more progress on a rotation, so I’m going back to one this year.

Part of the fun, of course, is going through your stash and projects and allowing yourself to dream about what you can do. I indulged myself on Friday to do just that. I wanted to give myself a mix of style and size, since I tend to be a big project stitcher.  I think I’ve succeeded.

I’m participating in a few stitch-a-longs this year to keep things moving. 🙂 They include:
–  The WIPocalypse (obviously!)
–  2017 Smalls SAL, hosted by Stitching Lotus
–  The Never Ending Sampler SAL, hosted by Kitty and Me Designs
–  Stitch From Stash, via Facebook
–  Various “Event” Day SALs, hosted on Stitch Mania on Facebook

The only one that involved a new start was the Never Ending Sampler SAL. Everything else, I’ll be incorporating things that I’ve either already started or things that I own and have kitted.


I have waaay too many large unfinished projects, so my focus this year is on getting things done and moving a few pieces forward that have been neglected. I’m allowing myself the Sampler SAL above and one other moderate-sized start this year.  Otherwise any starts I have will be things from stash that will qualify for the Smalls SAL.

Photos of all of these were just taken tonight before I started my blog entry.  Please pardon any wrinkles!  These are my main focus this year.

Never Ending Sampler SAL - started 1/1/17
Never Ending Sampler SAL. This was started yesterday for my New Years 2017 start and is all of the progress I made yesterday. It’s stitched on 32 ct evenweave from Silkweavers with ecru DMC and Threadworx Hawaiian Flowers. Later panels will likely be other color combinations, to use stash that’s been lingering around the house.  There are no real goals for this – it’s just to play as time and interest allows.  Wherever I end is where it will end.  🙂

To Have a Child, by Rosewood Manor.  This is Max’s birth sampler.  I’ve been stuck because the stitching font provided in the chart isn’t the same as what is on the model of the chart (it’s similar, but not the same height).  I need to graph out Max’s details and get this going again.  My main goal is to get the personalized information stitched, but I’d love to get this finished.

Witches Wheel, by Glendon Place.  My never-ending stitching on orange fabric.  I plan to finish this by Halloween this year.  Yeah, I know… I say that every year.

Blue Jeans and Daisies, by Blue Ribbon Designs.  I’ve been working on this piece exclusively since July.  I just have a few more flowers, a house, and the date to add to that center panel and it’s done.  If all goes well, I’ll have this done by the end of January.

Noah’s Ark, by Teresa Wentzler.  I adopted this piece years ago from someone else, but I have a glut of Wentzlers and haven’t touched it that much.  My goal is to get the rest of the alphabet stitched in the center and the left vertical panel of animals done by the end of the year.

Four Seasons of Mystic, by Jeannette Douglas Designs.  Last year I finished the summer panel (except for the boat rigging, which I’ll add at the end since it’s long stitches that’ll get snagged otherwise) and started autumn.  My goal is to finish at least Autumn this year.

Quaker Compass - as of 1/1/17
Quaker Compass, by Rosewood Manor.  I honestly have no real goals for this one… I just want to have a stress-free piece to throw stitches into with no worries about color changes.  🙂  This likely will be one of my travel pieces for work, since it’s low-maintenance on floss changing.

Leaping Cat - as of 1/1/17
Leaping Cat, by La-D-Da.  This was my New Year’s start last year.  It’s a smaller piece, so I hope to complete it sometime this year.

Floral Bellpull - as of 1/1/17
Floral Bellpull, by Teresa Wentzler.  I have had this piece so close to being done for so long!  But first I lost the pattern, then found it… and then lost my floss box.  But it’s now been found, so this baby’s getting done sometime this year!  I have one full plus one partial box to put full stitches in, plus the backstitching.

Book of Ink Circles - as of 1/1/17
Book of Ink Circles, by Ink Circles.  Last year I discovered some major counting errors in my outlining boxes and spent a bunch of time picking out about half of what I’d done.  Once frogged, I needed to step away from it for a while.  But in the meantime, I found a color palette (thanks to Rosewood Manor) that I absolutely adore, so this piece will get energized love this year.  No real goals – I just want to make progress.

You Were Hatched
You Were Hatched, by Teresa Wentzler.  I have this piece started, and it’s about 2/3 complete.  I plan to finish it as one of my monthly smalls projects – probably in February when I attend Stitcher’s Hideaway.

Zipper Pouches
Zipper Pouches, by It’s Fine-ally Finished (Jackie du Plessis).  Jackie stitches with our group whenever she’s free, and she used us as a testing group on this project that she’ll be teaching.  There are three pouches – strawberry, lavendar, and carnation.  I have all three of them.  Strawberry is currently in progress.  I plan on finishing at least one of them for the smalls SAL this year.

Astrology Sampler, by Witches Stitches.  This long out of print project is one I’d been itching to start, and then Max happened.  🙂  No specific goals on this one this year – I just want to push it forward.  Since it’s on black, I know it will go slower.

Why I Love New England - as of 1/1/17
Why I Love New England, by The Sampler Needlework.  I bought this chart ages ago at the designer’s shop in Plymouth, Ma.  The shop is sadly now gone, and I’m still plugging away.  My goal this year is to get the top section (two pages across) complete.

Alpha-Bits, by Wild-Heart Designs.  This will be my other start for the beginning of the year, and was planned last autumn.  A couple women in my local stitching circle have completed this design, and they’ve said it’s a lot of fun.  I don’t have a lot of experience on banding, so am diving in with this one.  The threads are Cherry Cola by Nina’s Threads.

I also have Deep Blue Sea, my Chatelaine.  I do hope to give it some love too, but won’t get to it until I get a couple of these projects completed.  Stitching on it is still a bit too nerve-wracking with Max around.

I don’t doubt there will be some other project work, and it’s possible that I’ll get to one or more of these and just not “feel” them, but that’s okay. I have more than enough to stitch on, and plenty to swap out if something’s not working.

Perhaps a bit lofty, but hey… that’s the dream, right?  🙂  Here’s to a productive crafty 2017!

~ Mel.

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  1. Sara says:

    Great variety and good luck! I have to tell you though that this SAL is really making my list longer not shorter as I look through everyone’s goals. You just reminded me that I have a copy of You Were Hatched that needs stitching. The world better not be ending any time soon

  2. Sue says:

    Your projects are just lovely. I’m really looking forward to taking part in WIPocalypse this year. Thank you for running it.

  3. Nicole says:

    Good luck with your stitching. I made Noah’s Ark for my son. It is definitely a labor of love. You can’t tell by the picture, but those animals are frustrating…stitching over one thread on linen.

  4. Robin in Virginia says:

    Happy New Year! What a great variety in your list of stitching intentions! I wish you much success as you journey forward with your needle and thread.

  5. Stitching Noni says:

    Great list of projects! I am also doing the Stitch from Stash on FB and the Stitch Maynia events so it’s going to be a busy year of stitching! Looking forward to seeing your progress on those gorgeous pieces :o)

  6. Leonore Winterer says:

    There are some great designs in your rotation, I hope that all of them will get a bit of love this year 🙂

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