Smalls SAL – January

It’s time for the first monthly check-in for Heather’s Smalls SAL this year.  And I am happy to announce a finish!  (not a finishing finish… just a stitching finish).

This is a little kit that my local circle (New England Stitching Sisters) did as a group project a couple years ago.  We go on a group retreat every October, and we have one small kit that’s used as a mini teaching class and souvenir of the trip. I’d started it then, but didn’t have an appropriate sized hoop.  I started stitching in hand, but it’s just not the method that works for me… so the little thing got put aside until I got home (and then of course, mixed into the stash fray).

Ornament - stitching completed 1/16/17

This is stitched on simple white 28 ct linen with DMC 221.  I just have to get the backstitched line around the design, and like so many other finishing techniques, it will be used to construct the ornament.  Instead of a biscornu or another square-style finish, this will be built according to the original inspiration:  Sylvia’s Kreuzstich Liebe. I’ve been nicknaming it a “fan drop” ornament for my own usage.  It’s very different – and very pretty!

So hooray! First month’s Smalls SAL goal is accomplished. Next month, I hope to finish the stitching on You Were Hatched.  And maybe I’ll have this ornament constructed by then, too.  (but I’ll likely wait and do a bunch of them at once later this year).

Happy stitching everyone!

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  1. Kerry says:

    Ooh looking forward to seeing the finished ornie – looks an interesting shape. You’ve stitching it beautifully in such a nice colour.

  2. Leonore Winterer says:

    That’s a lovely small finish, and an awesome finish-finish idea, I so have to try that one 🙂

  3. Melinda Forbes says:

    this is so very pretty. I envy all stitchers that fully finish their items in a timely fashion. It is so not me. Thank you for sharing your Small

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