September WIPocalypse Check-In

WIPocalypse ButtonHi everyone,

My heart is heavy this month as I post the check-in reminder.  On Thursday, my stitching circle lost one of its sisters suddenly.  Those who have met up with us at Celebration likely met Sandy, who was always quick with a smile and to show off whatever she was working on, and encourage anyone do to that little bit of stash enhancement in the shopping area.  She was warm, generous, and welcoming.

Sandy was only 55.  The only grace of it all was that her death appears to have been very quick, and like fellow sisters of my stitching circle, I have to believe she didn’t feel any pain.  But I’ll admit – I still haven’t moved beyond the point of shock to let it sink in yet.  Truthfully, I don’t know if I have the capacity to go beyond that yet, given I’m still processing five other deaths of family and friends in a 13-month span.  I feel guilty about the numbness, but at the same time… I know that’s normal.  I’ll deal with it in time, and process through grief.

Today I took the day to spend with Erich and Max, along with our dear friend Matt, trying to forget the sadness and brace the joy of a family created ten years ago yesterday.  The joy is what sustains us through rough times, and even though it sometimes makes me feel a bit guilty to laugh, it needs to be done.  It’s what heals, and it’s what helps us keep moving on.

Tomorrow I will join several of my friends from my stitching circle as we lay Sandy to rest.  And I hope that our circle will remain close – hopefully a little closer as we all grieve and adjust to not having her smiling across the table at us on Thursday nights and Saturday mornings.

I’m going to miss her.  And I’m going to miss the joy she had for our hobby, and the joy she expressed when we all got together.

Hold your stitching buddies tightly, folks – whether physical or virtual.  You never know when they’ll be gone.

Hugs to you, and as awkward as it sounds right now – happy stitching to all of you.




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  1. Joanne P says:

    So sorry for your loss, it’s so hard to lose a friend so suddenly. I hope your circle of friends will draw together to comfort each other and remember the good times with Sandy.
    You are so right about holding our stitching friends together. This is way SALs like WIPocalypse and Gifted Gorgeousness are so important to our community. We visit, we comment, we link up, we connect.
    Thanks for keeping going with the posts through a difficult year.

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