Day Seven: Library Day

My stitching group meets every Saturday (except in the summer… that gets a little random) at the local library to stitch, unwind, and chat. The size and makeup of the group can vary widely, although most weeks we average about a half-dozen. We are an eclectic bunch. I’m the youngest, Nancy is the eldest. We have an age range of over 30 years. We all have completely different personalities, different stitching preferences, come from different backgrounds and locations, and undoubtedly have different views on how the world should work… yet every Saturday, we’re bonded by this love of stitching that’s formed a tight friendship embracing all of our differences.

Like any other crafting group, we each came into stitching by different means… and somewhere along the way one person knew another person, who knew someone else, who stumbled into someone else at a convention or a class… or Facebook. Over time, strangers became acquaintances, and became friends. Now Saturday stitching has become a “Must Do Unless Absolutely Necessary to be Elsewhere” event.

And so, despite five hours of sleep thanks to my determination to stitch last night until ouch o’clock, I rolled out of bed around 7:30, had the first cup of coffee, got dressed, kissed Erich and Max, headed to get the second cup of coffee, and headed to the library for my four(ish) hours of relaxation among friends.

Sometimes, I even get a lot of stitching done. Today was one of those days:


Now I have the entire size of the piece defined. From here, the piece will be insanely easy to work, since I have perfect spacing references.  I’ve had friends ask me how I stitch without marking my fabric with grids of some sort.  This is how – I figure out what motifs are the best ones to use for general placement, making it easy to count from specific features.  For example, now that I have that zig-zag square band done, I can count over by number of squares from the left to place the next pumpkin. Once the pumpkins are in there, adding the cats becomes a piece of cake. I know where the orange leaves go on the bottom band merely by looking at the orange leaves on the top row, and flipping them upside down.

Granted – this all depends on ensuring that the original item is properly spaced in the first place.  That sometimes does go haywire, but most of the time I do pretty well… or I find a way to fake it and recover.  Almost every piece I’ve stitched has at least one unintentional error in it somewhere – and most of the time I find it long after and just don’t care.  It’s handmade.  Errors happen.  As long as it doesn’t screw up the entire design, it doesn’t honestly matter that much to me.  Errors just add personality.  🙂

I’d originally planned to finish those leaves tonight, but my brain is about done for the day. It may be an early bedtime to make up for some of the sleep last night.

But there is always tomorrow… and at the rate this piece is going, it’s likely to be done well before the end of the month.

Good night…

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  1. Joanne P says:

    Great work, the pumpkin looks really good.
    I have never seen the need for gridding except for those massive full coverage pieces. Like you, I use the previous motif to place the next motif.

    • Melissa Kent Krueger says:

      I wonder if that’s partially when we learned to stitch vs some other folks. Gridding was something I never had even heard of until probably 6 or so years ago – when I really started seeing the HAED folks going. The extent of anything before that was perhaps a running stitch around the borders to define where the piece would be – but not in the middle.

  2. Leonore Winterer says:

    Lovely progress! I do envy you a little for that stitching group, it must be so much fun to come together and craft every week 🙂

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