Day Nine: Kitchen Stitchin’

Today was a typical back-to-work Monday, but with atypical traffic. My normal one hour drive to the train station took about half that – including a rare stop at Dunkin’ Donuts to grab a coffee on the way. The train was empty, and so it was running faster, too. Less people to exit at Back Bay Station equals actually arriving when the schedule claims that my train will get to South Station in Boston.  If only it could go this smoothly every day!

Of course, many people were off work and school today for Columbus Day, which was the contributing factor toward my good commute.  Walking to work was weird this morning – the city was dead quiet. Almost a Sunday morning in downtown quiet.  Quite a few people were out at my office, too, so everything just seemed a little off.  Thankfully the quiet allowed me to get some projects done, and also do something I rarely have time to do since I took this current position a year and a half ago – take a lunch break.

I ate quickly and took advantage of the rest of my allotted lunch hour to stitch.  A few young women were sitting at a table next to me, and they seemed a little confused by the craftiness next to them.  Before our company merger, no one would have batted an eye at me stitching in our kitchen.  Now?  Too many new faces.  They’re not used to the odd admin who tends to keep to herself.  I don’t mind chatting with folks in the kitchen as I stitch; I miss it, honestly.  There’s just not a lot of the people who used to see me doing it during our old company days that are left.

I had a good stitching session – I stitched three of the bottom row orange leaves at work, and finished the other three up at home tonight.  So another form is done.  The straight single column of orange stitches in my progress photo is the beginning of the tall, skinny pumpkin.  I’ll continue on that tomorrow night.

So here’s the progress as of tonight.  Stitch by stitch, it’s coming together:


Since the edges are now completely defined, I also trimmed down my fabric and built the proper 8×11 inch Q-snap to work this project comfortably. I need to hem my fabric edges, though. Perhaps I’ll pull the sewing machine out this weekend to take care of that.

I’m pleased.  This piece is working quickly, and it’s been a very fun stitch.

Good night,


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  1. Robin in Virginia says:

    Glad you were able to get in some lunch time stitching! Your pumpkin piece is looking good.

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