Day Eleven: Geek Night

I have a combination of a necessary early night, due to an all-hands meeting tomorrow morning at work… and Erich playing Destiny 2 with the guys and being really, really loud. So no stitching tonight. I’m just in a meh mood.  But if all goes well, I’ll be at my stitching circle tomorrow evening… and so that’ll make up for it.

Every year my company has an all-hands meeting.  It’s essentially the annual one, although the date tends to migrate a bit throughout the year.  The morning session is an actual meeting.  The afternoon is a “team building” thing… which is supposed to be fun.  Personally I’ve been mixed about it. There are years where it’s much more social and relaxed, and those years are great – because I can talk with people at my own pace and comfort level. I hate… hate… the scavenger hunt years.  As an obese person, it’s alienating and humiliating to be trailing a half-block or so behind the people who are both in good shape and extroverted all over downtown Boston in an obscenely short amount of time… and there’s always the one (or two) salespeople on your team who are so obscenely competitive that they’re oblivious to team members in genuine physical pain trying to catch up.  So in that regard, I’m dreading it tomorrow.  I don’t mind the meetings in the morning, although they can be a bit dull since a lot of the things just don’t apply to me directly.  (shrug)

So fingers crossed it’s not a scavenger hunt year.  I suppose there’s one positive – if it is a scavenger hunt year, it won’t be 85+ degrees and humid this time around.  So at least heat exhaustion won’t contribute to my frustration.

Getting myself geared up for this takes some energy, though.  I’m a severe introvert.  I can put on a show for an hour or two where I can make the illusion that I’m comfortable in groups, but anything past that can just be exhausting.  So tonight’s an early night.  I have to be up about 45 minutes early to catch Amtrak at 6:50 am (otherwise I wouldn’t get there on time…).  Tonight I’m going to decompress with some mindless computer games for a bit, then head to bed.

Back to stitching in the morning, when I’m in the right mindset for it.  🙂





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  1. Leonore Winterer says:

    I kind of enjoy scavenger hunts…but not if people are getting that competitive! Make sure it’s fun for everyone, people. Being short and slow I can relate to hanging behind a few hundred meters if with longer legs people don’t pay attention.

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