Day Fifteen: Obligatory Autumn

Warm days in October tend to be rare. Although it was overcast and quite humid today, the temperature was very nice… especially for now, when we’re supposed to be in crisp morning weather and full autumn color. (This year… is not one of those years).

Erich had promised Max that we’d head over to Confreda Farm to enjoy the yearly autumn festival, and so we trekked out around 11 am in hopes we’d beat some of the crowds (we did, although it was already pretty busy). We’ve taken Max to this every year since he was a baby… and this year things were definitely much more organized and elaborate, especially in the little mini amusement park area. Extra bouncy houses, a little petting barnyard, and a new sand play pit with big tractor treads to climb on. This was the first year we headed out on the hayride to the pumpkin patch and corn maze, since Max finally was old enough to do it without needing to be carried.  The ride over on the tractor skiffs was relaxing.  Confreda is quite a large farm, and they do a lot of supplying to local markets in the area (for example, Wegmans – I see their produce listed in the local section frequently), so the drive through the fields was kinda cool.  There was a setup for a spooky hayride after dark, too – it was creepy enough without the actors and the darkness, honestly.  I can just imagine what it’s like once the sun goes down!

Erich was joking that perhaps he’d be able to see over the maze.  That definitely was not the case when we got over there. It was a fairly long maze, and on a slight hill… so I struggled a little bit. Max had a great time, though. If anything, we had to keep yelling at him to stay with us instead of dashing ahead. We were not going to be the next set of parents who lost our kid in a corn maze, especially after the news this week.

After the maze, we wandered over to the piles of pumpkins to choose from. Confreda didn’t have them in a patch, per se.  That disappointed me a little bit, but I can understand why they wouldn’t want crowds actually pounding through their fields. Instead they had what probably had been a field (since there were a lot of dead pumpkin-like vines on the ground) with small piles of pumpkins scattered around to choose from.  Max chose a smaller one, and we decided we’d grab a big carving one back up at the main farm stand so we didn’t have to lug it around. We headed back to the main farm area, back through another route on the hayride.  This time it showed the more extensive crops that the farm handles – I recognized eggplant, different peppers and squash.  There were several other things I didn’t recognize off-hand.  Once back to the main area, Max enjoyed a bit more playtime in the bouncy houses.

Fatigue was catching up with him and the darker side of age four was revealing itself, though… so our playtime and shopping were cut a little short.  We didn’t get our carving pumpkin, but did grab a pie before we left to head home.  We have a couple more weeks before Halloween… plenty of time to grab pumpkins a little later!

After naps all around, we brought Max over to Astrida’s house – his daycare provider and adopted grandma (Nomi), while Erich and I headed downtown to the movie theater for a 30th anniversary showing of the Princess Bride.  I officially feel old.  I remember seeing it in the theater the first time around.  It’s still a fantastic movie.  It’s also extra special for Erich and me, since the instrumental version of the love theme was our processional at our wedding.  Apparently next month, they’re showing Casablanca for its 75th anniversary.  I may have to go. Casablanca’s one of those movies that I know I’ve seen the entirety of in bits and pieces, but I can’t recall seeing it in one single sitting.  Seeing it on the big screen?  Yeah… that might have to happen.

So no stitching today… but plenty of pumpkins in another form!

Back to work tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll get some more progress posted tomorrow night.


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  1. Leonore Winterer says:

    Sounds like a fun and tiring day for all three of you! I hope you got lots of inspiration for your stitched pumpkins.

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