Day Nineteen – Car Troubles

I intended to get to stitching on time tonight. All was going well, I was on the road north, went around the curve in downtown Providence by the Big Blue Bug, and then POP.

I went over something on the road, and my front passenger tire immediately popped. Thankfully I recognized what happened immediately, was able to keep the car in control, and got right over to the side of the road in perhaps one of the better spots of I-95 north – especially downtown. I called Erich immediately for him to come help, just in case I had issues. I have changed tires before, but it’s never a bad thing to have a second person – especially with those effing lug nuts.

Then I let the girls know I was running late, but WAS coming. Erich arrived, got the tire fixed for me while I kept Max entertained in the back of his car… and I was on my way over.

So all’s well. I’m fine, my car’s fine other than the tires. But I knew already I was on borrowed time with my tires given their condition. (the sidewall of the tire is what actually blew today). So this weekend, I’ll be looking to buy both fronts. Next month? I’ll do the backs.

Due to that, I only got about an hour of stitching in. I think being so annoyed at the car made me stitch faster, though – I definitely don’t go this fast in general!

The final pumpkin is going in. I traced the basic outline, and the curve I’m doing now on the inside is around the edge of the leaf, similar to the top of the center pumpkin. Like with the other pumpkins, I’ll be working in a roughly circular pattern to keep the blending more blotchy than striped. I’m hoping to get the rest of the pumpkin filled in tomorrow evening after Max goes to bed. Then it’s just a horde of kitties and a couple more paw prints. Yay!

No stitching this Saturday morning, as the rest of my stitching group will be going on its annual group retreat. I unfortunately can’t go for a variety of reasons, but mostly financial (especially now that I have FRIGGIN TIRES TO BUY). It honestly does work well, though, because I have a bunch of stuff that I both need and want to do around the house, including trying to catch up on a pile of mail!

Good night all…

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  1. Robin in Virginia says:

    Sorry about the tire popping, but at least you were able to maintain control and get over to the side. Good luck with tire shopping this weekend. You are moving along well on your piece.

  2. Leonore Winterer says:

    Oh my, good thing you kept control when that tire popped! Getting new ons probably is a wise move.

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