Day Twenty-Two: Approaching the End

My stitching during tonight’s Falcons-Patriots Fog Bowl has been very productive. The final pumpkin, leaf, and vines are now in. All I have left are two paw prints and a smattering of cats.

I’m now at the point where I’ll be doing some customizing. The original pattern has six cats. I’m planning on adding a seventh, to reflect our current house Horde. I’ll also be recoloring them a little to reflect our cats. Thankfully the color palette in the piece works already. We have three mostly black/dark brown cats, a medium
Brown tiger, a grey and white, and two cow cats – one white with orange, one white with black/grey.

The dark brown in the paw prints will work perfectly for our black cats (they’re all actually deep mink brown anyway). The DMC 642 will work great for our grey guy… and the rest I can play with easily. The real trick is charting that seventh cat. I’m thinking of a sitting cat right on top of the tallest pumpkin, symbolizing Gus, who has always been the gargoyle cat perched as high as he can be.

Tomorrow will be a customizing night. And Outlander, since we opted to watch the game tonight.

At this rate, I’ll have this done before the end of the work week. 😁

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  1. Robin in Virginia says:

    What a sweet piece! Look forward to seeing the appearance of the kitties and the rest of the paw prints.

  2. Leonore Winterer says:

    More great progress! I’m a bit behind with my blog reading, so I’m excited to see if you did finish in October.

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