Day Thirty: Onward with the Rotation!

When I left for the library on Saturday, I made sure to bring another project aside from Here Kitty Kitty, just in case I managed to complete my cats faster than expected. It definitely didn’t work out that way, but Next Project remained in my stitching bag.

Tonight, Erich had some computer gaming to do with the guys, which meant I needed to camp out in our bedroom to watch all of tonight’s news. The stitching bag went with me, and out came a project that I never seem to quite get going on, even though I absolutely adore the finished piece. It’s called “I Love New England,” and it’s a large text sampler with a full border from a former shop called Sampler Needlework in Plymouth, MA. I picked up the project in the early 2000s… I want to say 2002 or 2003. I didn’t start it until years later, though. Aside from the sample in the shop, I’ve never seen another copy of it done.

I’m feeling the itch, so I think this may be the next focus piece I have for a while. The pattern takes six sheets of standard paper. My goal right now is to finish the first page. I have a pretty good start, so I think it’s doable in the next few weeks if I don’t get distracted by other shiny objects.

Here’s where I started this evening. This is being stitched on 32 ct antique white linen with the called-for DMC threads. The heart on the top border is the dead center of the top bar of the decorative frame. I’m not quite down the third on the left hand side. I think I’m about 30 stitches short at the moment.

There is a large cornucopia motif at the very bottom of the text sampler, but otherwise it’s all words in the center, with a repeating heart and vined flower border.  Each of the corner motifs is a different square – very quilt block style.  It’s not a complicated stitch… just a large one.  So hopefully after the energy of getting Here Kitty Kitty done on Saturday, I can use that boost to get some good progress on this one!

You’ll notice that unlike with Here Kitty Kitty, I’m using a Q-snap fabric wrap this time.  Some people call them grime guards.  I just always called them Q-snap covers.  I don’t always use one, but on these larger pieces, they come in handy to stuff the extra fabric in that extends past the current stitching frame.  This piece honestly should probably be on a scroll frame, but I can never quite get the tension how I want it.   I’ve heard about some specific frames that compensate and allow your stitching to sit drum tight, but the waiting lists for orders seem to be horrendously long, or it’s money I don’t know if I want to waste, given how I’ve struck out with scroll frames in the past.

Although to be honest, the Q’s aren’t really working well with this piece.  The amount of fabric left over is just a little excessive.  I may have to bite the bullet and throw this on a scroll, even though I can’t get it to sit tight.

Maybe that’s just why I haven’t gotten much done on this.  I just can’t seem to get it framed up comfortably for stitching.  Hmm….

Off to bed!  G’nite…

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  1. Robin in Virginia says:

    I look forward to seeing your progress on this piece. I like the colors that you have already gotten stitched.

  2. Leonore Winterer says:

    I understand your problem with scroll frames, I try getting used to them but I still prefer the tension on hoops or snaps! I’ll be looking forward to seeing more progress on this.

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