November Stitching…

I’d made a goal to do NaNoStitchMo in November. My goal was 50 stitches or 50 minutes per day. I didn’t quite accomplish it… work got in the way, and then Thanksgiving took over. I’m pleased with what I did, though, and so I feel good about the month despite not meeting the StitchMo challenge.

This month I spent focused on I Love New England. Aside from the StitchMo challenge, my goal was to complete page one of the pattern (out of six…). I managed to accomplish that earlier this week, and today I moved my Q-snaps to the right to finish the other half of the top portion:

My photo is a little off-color due to the lighting in the house, but you get the idea. ūüôā Now that I have some of that lettering in, I’m finding it a bit easier to keep moving. I struggled at the beginning due to the lack of visual placement cues. The border in this one is very contained, and the letters are just far away enough on both the vertical and the horizontal that it’s crucial to have counts just right. I think Page 2 will be a lot easier to do.

I’m also using a technique that a fellow stitcher suggested on one of the many Facebook groups I’m in. I’m afraid I can’t recall who suggested it, so I’ll just yell a big NOT MY IDEA, DON’T CREDIT ME here: Since this is all in DMC and doesn’t require me to complete every stitch individually, I’m enjoying doing a run of half-stitches to frame out the line. I’m crossing every tenth stitch as I go to make it easier to count, though. That’s going to come in handy, give that on that horizontal line alone at the very top, I’m currently having to toss in a row of 76 stitches just for the half to bring it to the corner motif. There’s nothing more annoying than losing my place on a long row of simple straight stitches!

My other big accomplish for the month was something that I’d honestly been dreading doing…¬†organizing the stash.¬† I hadn’t really done a proper itemizing of patterns and projects in at least a couple years… possibly not since Max was born.¬† I’d intentionally not put things away in baskets because I wanted to itemize them, and that’s resulted in a ton of shopping bags, both plastic and reusable, strewn in corners and chairs and whatnot.¬† Since the dining room table has been reclaimed from being my at-home office, it was a perfect time to get the organizing project done.¬† I only focused on the stash I’ve never sorted – so the things packed in the trunk in the basement weren’t touched. I’ve already organized them.¬† While I want to combine this newer itemized stash with that stuff (lumping patterns by the same designer together, for example), the main goal was to just add everything I had to my excel chart.

But first… I had to get it all in one place.¬† So it was all dumped on the table:

It’s a slightly blurry picture, but you get the idea.¬† My dining table is an old solid library table – it needs a 102 inch tablecloth.¬† And I had it FULL of stuff.

Sorting and itemizing took all day.¬† But it’s now done.¬† I have a fully updated excel spreadsheet of every pattern, every WIP, every UFO, and every project that’s in some form of kitting.

Honestly, it’s both exciting and depressing.¬† I have way too much stash.¬† I know we stitchers joke about hitting SABLE (Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy), but after the events of the last year or so… it hit me a little depressingly.

I need to stitch, and I need to stitch what I have.

So next year, I’m focusing entirely on WIPs.¬† I’m not going to do a Stitch from Stash where I assign finishes dollar amounts that I’m allowed to spend.¬† I think for me, that starts giving me too much leeway.¬† I just need to really stitch¬†only from what I have.¬† So unless it’s to replace a thread/bead/button on a piece I’m actually working on that has gone wandering, or to buy needles because I’ve somehow lost ALL of them… I’m not buying next year.¬† Years ago The Wagon message board had a challenge along those lines.¬† I’m sticking to it.

Aside from the hundreds¬†(no, I’m not kidding… hundreds.¬† Plural) of patterns I added to my excel chart, my WIP and UFO chart had to be updated too.¬† And the stuff that’s partially/fully kitted but unstarted.

This is the bulk of the WIP/UFO/Kitted batch, aside from some oddball small projects that I have in a basket in my cabinet.  There are two projects out of the bins on the table Рmy Vajke Per Week (with the binder under the project bag), and my Deep Blue Sea Chatelaine (the clear huge project bag just barely in frame).  Between these bins, and not including the oddball smalls, there are over 50 projects stuffed here.  Some are started, some are partially or fully kitted.  But I have more than plenty to do here for years.

So for 2018, I’m working from these bins and that smalls basket.¬† Hopefully I can whittle this batch down just a wee bit.

At some point in the next year or so, I’m likely going to do some hard looking at some of the patterns in my stash and either sell them, donate them, or do a few giveaways.¬† We shall see.¬† I obviously can’t stitch it all, and I’m sure there’s more than a few projects in there that are of styles I no longer like… so it’s time to do some purging.¬† I’ll address that later, though.¬† For now I just need to bask in the accomplishment of cleaning my stuff up a bit.

Now it’s time to figure out some logical rotations for 2018… that’ll take some doing!


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  1. Robin in Virginia says:

    Good for you on your progress on the I love New England piece. While you didn’t meet your 50 stitches/50 minutes per day goal, every stitch helps bring you closer to a finish. Good for you on getting your stuff organized!

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