December 2017 WIPocalypse Check-in!

WIPocalypse ButtonHi everyone,

This year went waaaaaaay too fast!  The final day of the year always is a little weird to me.  Since I’m in US Eastern time, it’s always a little odd to me how I will see comments and posts from friends in overseas lands all day that are in an entirely different year.  A day is just a day, of course… but the turning of the year just seems to have a little weirdness about it to me.

In any case, I wish you and your loved ones a safe and Happy New Year!  I hope that your celebrations tonight are good ones, no matter how quiet or how boisterous they are.

I will be spending it quietly at home.  It’s obnoxiously cold outside, and I’m dealing with a cranky case of bronchitis… so I’m just going to cool it.  I’m hoping I can just do some stitching, have some tea, and watch whatever festivities are on the TV tonight.  I need to get a good sense of what I’m going to do for a first rotation, too… so today I’m going to do some scribbling and figure out something that works.  I’m doing a WIP-only 2018 (and cutting myself off from purchases) until I get this pile whittled down!  With the losses and stress of the last couple of years, I did a bit too much binge shopping.  That needs to be nipped.  WIPocalypse all year is probably the best thing for me.

Since it’s a little different than in years past… we will have an off-schedule post on January 7th (next weekend) for you to introduce your projects for next year.  If you’re combining that into your post this week, feel free to just double-link it here and next weekend.  🙂  Postings will go back to the normal schedule at the end of January.  You’ll find a link to dates and additional info in the SAL announcements below.

I will stop here… time to seek out a cup of tea to start the morning.  Happy Stitching to all of you!





Important SAL Announcements…

Question of the Month – Recap your accomplishments for the year!  (Your finishes, your final before/after photos, etc.)

Next posting date: January 7, 2018

Topic for next time: Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

**2018 Dates and Topics are now posted!  Go here for all details!**


Please remember that this stitch-a-long is intended to be fun – so if you’re too busy to post, too busy/ill/etc. to stitch – no worries. Post when you can and share what you have going, even if you’ve only been able to toss a single stitch into it. If you miss a few months, not a problem – just jump back in when you’re back with us! It’s not a race or a competition – we’re all just here to cheer each other on with our progress.

Due to different browsing software, some bloggers have found it difficult to check-in with their posts. There are three different ways to check in:

    • Via Auto-link
    • Via comments (make sure you include your blog address!)
    • Via email – to measiwitch(at), only if the other two options are not working. Again- make sure you include your blog address! I’ll add it to the auto-link myself when I have a free moment.

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  1. Joanne P says:

    Completed my post and my annual review!
    Thanks for organising the SAL again this year and Good Luck with your WIPs for next year.

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