Stitching Hopes for 2018

This is the year.

I keep telling myself that.  This is the year.  I will make some really good progress on my WIPs.  Here I am, running the WIPocalypse, and I do struggle to complete things.  Nothing made that more evident than when I went through my stash in November and itemized everything that I currently know about.  It was definitely an eye opener.  47 projects in some form of progress.  Another 89 that are kitted in some form… whether just with charms, or with floss and fabric combinations.  Holy heck, I have a bit of a stash problem.

A few different things have merged together to get me here.  The first is having a little one.  I was plugging right along on a lot of stitching with a strong rotation and good progress.  And then in 2013, we had Max.  As having a baby will do, especially the first baby, the stitching just stalled.  Everything about daily life completely changed, and most of my avenues for stitching dried up: my commute changed (so no more stitching on the train.  this was a major blow to my production), my free time at home was eliminated, my energy to focus was gone.  Huge problem.  I have completed a few projects here and there, but I’ve had to gear back to one-at-a-time stitching, and I learned years ago that it’s not my style.  I like variety.  I like to stitch on several different things to keep it fresh and have the feeling that I’m experiencing a bunch of different styles and designers at the same time.  Having to do only one project at a time slowed me down and bogged me down.  And of course, there’s a catch to me getting bogged down – I’m a Big-Ass-Project (BAP) stitcher.  I love big pieces.  So I don’t get as many finishes.  And right now, there’s a whole lot of BAPs piled up.

The next thing that happened was some binge purchasing.  Post-natal depression that led into general depression, pain from losing several people in the last 18 months, stress at work… everything led to me doing some out-of-control purchases and my stash has exploded.  Some people buy clothes.  Some people buy jewelry.  I tend to buy stitchy stash – and in person.  It’s not even online!  I’m surprisingly well-behaved on that front.  My biggest problem has come from attending retreats.   Some of these things I’ve bought have been projects from others that they were looking to unload, fully kitted.  So they’re now added to the list.

The last was adopting stash from Sandy, one of the members of my stitching circle, who passed away a few months ago.  Over the last couple months, Sandy’s stash has been looked through and divided.  There were quite a few projects in some stage of completion, and a few of them have come to me.  So they’re also added to this list.

So here I am… arrived to where I have a stash and a half, and holy heck there’s a lot here to stitch.

I have no specific plans.  No specific “I must finish X amount of pieces” goals.  I just really, really, really want to push some projects forward and whittle this list down.  This list only includes things that have physical stitches in the fabric.  I’ll start addressing the kitted stuff once this list goes down a bit.

In alphabetical order by designer:

  • Vajke Per Week 2017 – Atelier Soed Idee
  • Deep Blue Sea – Chatelaine (Mystery from 2012)
  • Cowboy Cats – Creative Accents
  • Cats on a Staircase – Donna Kooler
  • Apache Wedding Blessing – Donna Kooler
  • Elemental Dragons – Dragon Dreams (Fire and Spirit are complete)
  • Snowball Fight – Dragon Dreams
  • Four Seasons of Mystic – Jeannette Douglas
  • Down the Danube – Jeannette Douglas (adopted from Sandy)
  • Witches Wheel – Glendon Place
  • Bless This Hive – Hardcorestitchcorps
  • Muse of the Midnight Sun – Heaven and Earth Designs (HAED)
  • Book of Ink Circles (BoINK) – Ink Circles
  • Strawberry Zipper Pouch – It’s Fine-ally Finished
  • Smoky Mountain Cats – Janlynn
  • Never Ending Band Sampler – Kitty and Me Designs
  • Earth Angel – Lavender & Lace
  • In the Arms of an Angel – Lavender & Lace
  • Band Sampler 2011 – (Multiple stitchers… round robin)
  • Witchy Washy – Raise the Roof
  • Red Ornament – Rebecca Dorrie
  • Dear Rine Borduren 2017 – Rine (via Facebook)
  • Quaker Compass – Rosewood Manor
  • To have a Child – Rosewood Manor
  • I Love New England – Sampler Needlework
  • Freedom – Seba Designs
  • Celestial Medley – Stitch with Sudberry
  • Bag Ladies – Sunset
  • You Were Hatched – Teresa Wentzler
  • Celestial Dragon – Teresa Wentzler
  • Millennium – Teresa Wentzler
  • Magical Night – Teresa Wentzler
  • Floral Bellpull – Teresa Wentzler
  • Noah’s Ark – Teresa Wentzler
  • Egyptian Sampler – Teresa Wentzler
  • Castle (Black Fabric) – Teresa Wentzler
  • Fantasy Tryptych – Teresa Wentzler
  • Birdhouse Bellpull – Teresa Wentzler (adopted from Sandy)
  • Alpha-Bits Sampler – Wild Heart Designs (New Year’s Start 2018)
  • Astrology Sampler – Witches Stitches

Some WIPs that have become UFOs due to weirdness

  • Hugs and Kisses – Blue Ribbon Designs (entire project has gone missing)
  • Shakespeare’s Fairies – Mirabilia (entire project has gone missing)
  • Nantucket Sampler – Medeiros Needlework (chart has gone wandering)
  • Legends of the Dragons – Teresa Wentzler/Dragon Dreams/Black Swan (entire project has gone missing)

I have a lot of work ahead of me.  Especially on that Wentzler pile.  I admit… I have a wee bit of a Wentzler problem!

So of course, the first step is pulling out a few of these for an initial rotation.  I’ve decided to go back to basics.  10 hours per project, and then rotate.  I have a rough name for each slot in my rotation, just to keep in mind that I need a variety of projects in here.  One thing I’ve always done with my rotation is hold one slot open for backstitching.  Always, always, always.  It guarantees I get some of the never-ending backstitching done, and really focus on it.  10 hours of backstitching can work wonders on a piece.

Here’s my first rotation for the year.  This should get me until the Stitching Olympics next month.  It includes a piece that’s nearly done (the ornament), and my Wentzler that’s closest to being done (Floral Bellpull).

Rotation #1 2018

  1. (general stitching) Alpha Bits Sampler – Wild Hearts Designs – currently working
  2. (backstitching slot) Floral Bellpull – Teresa Wentzler
  3. (smaller projects) Red Ornament – Rebecca Dorrie
  4. (Wentzler general) Noah’s Ark – Teresa Wentzler
  5. (general stitching) Deep Blue Sea – Chatelaine
  6. (general stitching) Muse of the Midnight Sun – HAED

Aside from Stitch from Stash on Facebook, I have not joined any formal stitch-a-longs (SALs) this year beyond the WIPocalypse.  I don’t want to stretch myself too far to get away from what I want to do.  If it’s a SAL that happens to fit with what I’m doing, such as the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, then great… I’ll do it.  But the goal this year is to just stitch, make progress, and hopefully leave 2018 with a list that’s a bit smaller.


*crosses fingers*


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  1. Joanne P says:

    That’s a tonne of TW designs there! My stitching output dropped after each child and I didn’t even have a job with either of them. It’s great when you find a rotation that works for you and this seems to be a good one.

  2. Leonore Winterer says:

    That’s quite an impressive list of WIPs…and you were not kidding about the BAPs, judging by the ones I know by name. I hope you will succeed in getting a few things gone 🙂

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