My updates for January…

It’s taken me the week, but I finally have the photos to upload for my stitching updates for January. Aside from this pure hell of bronchitis that will not go away, I managed to get a decent amount of stitching done through the first half of the month. The latter half, not so much. A mix of conjunctivitis, strep, my bronchitis, a couple colds with both boys… there was no desire to touch my stitching and permanently etch the germs into things. (ick)

So I haven’t quite finished my full rotation as hoped for the month. I still am pleased with what I got done…

First… a not-quite-finished small. This is a little ornament that one of the women in my stitching group handed out a couple years ago as a little memory project from our annual trip down to New Jersey for shopping and stitching. I still need to do the finishing work, but the actual pattern stitching is now complete. This is stitched on antique white linen with DMC floss (815… I think).

The ornament is a pretty and slightly different shape.  I’m looking forward to getting it together once I stop hacking up a lung.  There’s ironing and interfacing involved, so I want to make sure I have a steady hand when I finish it!

The next piece wasn’t on my actual rotation, but I finished the ornament early in one of my library stitching mornings and needed something from the immediate stash to work on… so my Four Seasons of Mystic came out of the bag for a spin.  When I last left this, I had started the pumpkins on the top row of Autumn.  Thanks to the Patriots game and some other cozy afternoon football stitching, I managed to throw some more rows into this surprisingly quickly.

This has been a fun stitch, although I fell a bit out of favor with it after Dad died, since I’d taken it with me, and therefore reminded me of the  nowtrip down to Florida with him – the last real family vacation.  I seem to have some energy to keep going on it, so I’ll be adding this to my next rotation.  It may come to Stitcher’s Hideaway with me in three weeks… right back to where it started!  🙂  I only have the bottom half of Autumn and the Winter band to do, and it’s done.  So this is definitely getting to very do-able for this year.

Next, I did some backstitching on Floral Bellpull.  There really aren’t any exciting photos of it – it was mostly outlining a single square.  But a bit of progress is progress.  I was working on this piece when the cough got worse again, so I’m still on that leg of my rotation.  I have about three more hours of backstitching to go before I fulfill my ten hour rotation goal on it.

Finally, I have my New Year’s start for this year.  This is the only piece I’m allowing myself to start until I clear through several WIPs in my stash.  This is Alpha-Bits by Wild Hearts Designs.  I’m stitching it on antique white banding with Cherry Coffee thread by Nina’s Threads.  So far each letter plus its specified specialty stitch takes roughly two hours each.  I only stopped because I need to find my scroll bars to continue!  This will definitely be a fun stitch this year.  I will finish this as an actual bellpull when finished (as opposed to Floral Bellpull above, which will be framed).  This is another piece I may bring with me to Stitcher’s Hideaway… provided that my scroll bars announce themselves!

So what’s in store for February?  Lots of stitching, once I get healthy!  I’ll be participating in the Stitching Olympics, as I always do.  I will do a rotation relay, and I’m thinking of planning it as a one-project-per-day arrangement.  I need to do a little more thinking on it, though.  My best laid plans always seem to get thwarted due to the insanity at work.  So we shall see.  Any stitching will be good stitching.

I’ll be at Stitcher’s Hideaway in Sturbridge for three days/four nights.  The retreat is designed for up to five days – way too expensive for me, but I do manage to get three days in.  So Sunday through Tuesday are my selected days away.  I’ll head up Saturday night and come home Wednesday morning.  I’m looking forward to it and seeing folks that I really only see once per year.

That’s my update for the month… see you in a couple weeks with the actual Olympic plan of attack!

Happy February,



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  1. dragonsluver says:

    Beautiful stitching. Hope you have a stitching filled February. Enjoy your retreat. Hope the bugs finally leave you and your family alone.

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