Cast of Characters & Such

These are the people, pets, places, and common things you might commonly see in my blog.  This page will almost always be under construction for obvious reasons.


Erich – my husband. We’ve been together for nearly ten years, and married for three.  He’s a native New Englander, a full time gamer geek, has a fantastic sense of humor – and he’s really, really tall.   Like me (and possibly more than me), he’s a cat person.  He loves to read, loves to go exploring, and cherishes his friends.  I probably don’t talk about Erich as much as I should – but I have this comfortable zen with him that makes me feel like I just don’t need to talk about him all the time to the world.  Seriously, I couldn’t be blessed more than I am with him.  He’s the love of my life and my perfect match.

My immediate family – scattered nearly to the four corners of the USA at this point.

  • Mom – lives in Pennsylvania close to my extended family.  She’s engaged to a very sweet man named Richard.  She and I are opposites in a lot of ways, but we get along great when we’re together.
  • Dad – lives in Montana (where I grew up) with his second wife, Anne.  Dad and I have had a rough relationship for many years.  I love my dad, but I don’t like the way he often treats me, and it’s forced me to keep distant emotionally.
  • Scott – my younger brother.  Scott’s three years younger than me and lives with his fiancee in Arizona.  Like me, he’s adopted (we’re not biologic siblings).  Unlike me, he’s had some struggles from his biological parents to overcome.  He’s getting there.  We’re not particularly close to each other, but I imagine the distance has as much to do with that as anything.

Erich’s immediate family-

  • Debby (Mom) – Debby passed away in 2007 after illness.  She lived in Maine for the last few years of her life.  I’m sad that I didn’t get to develop the daughter-in-law relationship with her because we got along very well.
  • Art & Linda – Erich’s dad and his second wife live in New Hampshire.  We don’t see them as often as we should due to our schedules, but I like both of them a lot.  Political talk is a no-no, though, as we’re on the complete opposite side of the fence.

The Cats – we have six of them.  Like most pet owners, they start with one name that then morphs into nicknames or something else.

  • Colley (full name:  Colorado).  Our eldest at 11 yrs old and the only one that pre-dates Erich – and he makes sure Erich remembers that.  Colley’s a pureblood Norwegian Forest Cat with a brown patched tabby/white coat.  If there ever was an example of a witch’s familiar, he’s it.  Or, possibly more accurate – I’m his.  Colley is generally attached to my hip at all times, not always by my choice.
  • Fizzy (full name:  Mephista).  Our 9 year old female, resident aloof cranky cat and most definitely NOT a cat’s cat.  She tends to growl at all of the other cats for even breathing in the same room as her most of the time.  She’s a tiny thing – only 7 pounds, and a gorgeous mink brown that appears black.  For long time readers, Fizz is the one who we thought was a boy until neuter time came around.  We got Fizzy from a litter of kittens rescued from Harvard Yard (yes… that Harvard).
  • Gus (full name:  Augustus Mousedeath).  Gus is now 7 and looks nearly identical to Fizzy, only twice her size.  He came to us when Erich found his little 4 week old self huddled and mewing behind the tire of my car at our old apartment complex.  He’s now a panther and reminds us nearly every day that if he were larger, we’d be dinner.  He is intent on causing as much trouble as he can possibly find his way into whenever possible and jumping up on anything higher than the heads of the humans in the house.
  • Noby (full name:  Nobanion).  Noby is the the male of the Cows – a brother/sister littermate team of cow-spotted adorableness that entered into our life with two simple words – “Erich, kittens!”  He and his sister were found stumbling behind their mom toward a very busy road in our neighborhood.  They were malnourished, covered in fleas and had worms and eye issues and all sorts of yuck.  But they survived, and now are two beautiful five year old adults.  Noby is the omega male of our pack.  He’s white with orange spots, and has a very pathetic little mew that even the vet had to comment on.  He also has problems with his species switch – because really, Noby is a puppy in a cat’s body.  Really, truly.
  • Elly (full name:  Eldath).  Elly is the female of the Cows and is a gorgeous white with black & grey rosette spots.  She and Gus are an item – a very hot item.  We’re thankful they’re all neutered, because otherwise we’d be up to our ears in Gus and Elly spawn by the amount of flirting that goes on.  Elly is Erich’s cat – she nurses on his shoulder until she falls asleep nearly every night.  She’s also very skittish – running away from just about everyone.  Yet when she’s in her element, she’s very loving and cuddly.  It just always has to be on her terms.
  • Hoodsie (aka “Hoodz”) is a neighborhood stray we brought in about three years ago.  He was constantly being beat up and had some serious foot and ear injuries until we finally said enough and scooped him inside for fear of finding him dead on the doorstep one day.  He’s a big burly bulldog of a cat – a bowling ball head, huge muscles, no neck.  He has twenty-six toes (two extra on each foot).  Due to some abuse when he was out in the neighborhood, Hoodz has some serious anxiety issues that caused him to spray.  With the help of our  vet, we’re able to keep him relaxed and happy with a daily Prozac dosage.  He’s become a playful goofball of a cat.

Friends (in alphabetical order)

Andi – my oldest friend.  We’ve known each other literally since we were toddlers.  We have one of those friendships where we’ll just pick up where we left off, despite the miles or years apart between our visits.  I’ve yet to meet her husband or her three kids, but now that they’ve moved within half the distance of the country from me, it may be a possibility in the next year or so.

Dennis & Lisa – are somewhat on the outer circle of our friends right now, primarily by physical distance.  They recently had twins and are insanely busy because of it.

Ivanna & Joe – Ivanna and I are sorority sisters and were in school at the same time.  She met her husband Joe a bit later, and I don’t know him as well.  They live in New Jersey, and due to their schedules – we barely see each other.  Once in a while we catch up via email, though.

Matt – our roommate.  He moved in with us a couple years ago when his life was shifting around a bit.  He’s a geek like us, and tends to be the quiet one that everyone really should be concerned about but isn’t because he’s the Nice Guy.

Melinda & Kevin – my maid of honor & her husband.  They live in California.  I met both of them through Diary-X back in the day, and we just clicked.  We’ve only been together in person three times – two of those were for our weddings.  🙂

Michelle (aka Wench) – one of my sorority sisters who’s a fellow stitcher, David Tennant affectionado, and the person I’m usually venting to on any given work day about the Stress of the Day.

Purk & Amy – he has a first name, but we all know him as Purk.  He’s a huge wall of a guy with a laugh that’s even bigger and infectious to anyone around him.  We don’t see him and Amy (his wife) his wife as often as we’d like due to schedules and such.

Rhode Island Stitchers – the crew of Lisa, Anne, Kathy, and Yvonne.  We get together to stitch and gab about once per month.  🙂

Smallz – is Tone’s (see below) younger brother.  He loves to go gambling, has a funny, sarcastic sense of humor, and teases us about our cat horde whenever he can.

Tone & Robin – Tone was the best man in our wedding and is one of Erich’s long-time friends.  We don’t see Robin as much because of her work schedule, but I like her a lot – both of them are very laid back, love the arts (music, acting, etc.) in various forms, and are a blast to be with.

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