Day Twelve: Boston Wanderings

I survived the annual scavenger hunt at work. The positive this year was that they chartered the hop on/jump off tour buses to take us to the historical locations. So no running around, desperately trying to catch my breath.

The teams were also larger this year, and and I had some of the people I actively work with (or sit near), which made it easier.

And I was with our beach president, which made a round of drinks at Fenway during the scavenger hunt possible. 😀 Hey… the clue stated we’d get 10 points for visiting Fenway, and 45 if we went inside. The Bleacher Bar is inside!

So my longtime workmate, Jim, and I posed for our beer selfie:

It actually is a cool bar… right under the bleachers. Three high tables sit in front of a grate that seems to be an old garage door right or into the outfield. Despite living in that neighborhood for four years and in Boston for a decade, Is never been there.

The day still wore me out, and I confess that I crashed out last night before making my blog post. But I did get a bit of stitching in last night before my early bedtime. Continuing to fill in that center pumpkin:

Not a lot, but every stitch counts.

My train’s pulling into South Station, so time to wrap this up. More tonight once Max goes to bed.

Happy Friday.

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Day Eleven: Geek Night

I have a combination of a necessary early night, due to an all-hands meeting tomorrow morning at work… and Erich playing Destiny 2 with the guys and being really, really loud. So no stitching tonight. I’m just in a meh mood.  But if all goes well, I’ll be at my stitching circle tomorrow evening… and so that’ll make up for it.

Every year my company has an all-hands meeting.  It’s essentially the annual one, although the date tends to migrate a bit throughout the year.  The morning session is an actual meeting.  The afternoon is a “team building” thing… which is supposed to be fun.  Personally I’ve been mixed about it. There are years where it’s much more social and relaxed, and those years are great – because I can talk with people at my own pace and comfort level. I hate… hate… the scavenger hunt years.  As an obese person, it’s alienating and humiliating to be trailing a half-block or so behind the people who are both in good shape and extroverted all over downtown Boston in an obscenely short amount of time… and there’s always the one (or two) salespeople on your team who are so obscenely competitive that they’re oblivious to team members in genuine physical pain trying to catch up.  So in that regard, I’m dreading it tomorrow.  I don’t mind the meetings in the morning, although they can be a bit dull since a lot of the things just don’t apply to me directly.  (shrug)

So fingers crossed it’s not a scavenger hunt year.  I suppose there’s one positive – if it is a scavenger hunt year, it won’t be 85+ degrees and humid this time around.  So at least heat exhaustion won’t contribute to my frustration.

Getting myself geared up for this takes some energy, though.  I’m a severe introvert.  I can put on a show for an hour or two where I can make the illusion that I’m comfortable in groups, but anything past that can just be exhausting.  So tonight’s an early night.  I have to be up about 45 minutes early to catch Amtrak at 6:50 am (otherwise I wouldn’t get there on time…).  Tonight I’m going to decompress with some mindless computer games for a bit, then head to bed.

Back to stitching in the morning, when I’m in the right mindset for it.  🙂





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Day Ten: Interruption

Moving along on the center pumpkin, getting it outlined… hoping to fill it in tonight… okay good.

And then I am trampled by a huge mound of clumsy fur who insists that I need to pay attention to him, not the fabric in front of me. He keeps pawing at the Q-Snap, which means that my frame keeps getting knocked over because this cat has natural boxing gloves for paws.

He paws at the pattern, at the floss as it moves through the fabric, and at the (ooh, shiny!) needle.

I’m getting the hint. Tonight? Is Harry Potter furball night. Eighteen plus pounds of cat with sharp claws says so.

Don’t believe me? Look at this:

Yeah… not arguing with him.

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Day Nine: Kitchen Stitchin’

Today was a typical back-to-work Monday, but with atypical traffic. My normal one hour drive to the train station took about half that – including a rare stop at Dunkin’ Donuts to grab a coffee on the way. The train was empty, and so it was running faster, too. Less people to exit at Back Bay Station equals actually arriving when the schedule claims that my train will get to South Station in Boston.  If only it could go this smoothly every day!

Of course, many people were off work and school today for Columbus Day, which was the contributing factor toward my good commute.  Walking to work was weird this morning – the city was dead quiet. Almost a Sunday morning in downtown quiet.  Quite a few people were out at my office, too, so everything just seemed a little off.  Thankfully the quiet allowed me to get some projects done, and also do something I rarely have time to do since I took this current position a year and a half ago – take a lunch break.

I ate quickly and took advantage of the rest of my allotted lunch hour to stitch.  A few young women were sitting at a table next to me, and they seemed a little confused by the craftiness next to them.  Before our company merger, no one would have batted an eye at me stitching in our kitchen.  Now?  Too many new faces.  They’re not used to the odd admin who tends to keep to herself.  I don’t mind chatting with folks in the kitchen as I stitch; I miss it, honestly.  There’s just not a lot of the people who used to see me doing it during our old company days that are left.

I had a good stitching session – I stitched three of the bottom row orange leaves at work, and finished the other three up at home tonight.  So another form is done.  The straight single column of orange stitches in my progress photo is the beginning of the tall, skinny pumpkin.  I’ll continue on that tomorrow night.

So here’s the progress as of tonight.  Stitch by stitch, it’s coming together:


Since the edges are now completely defined, I also trimmed down my fabric and built the proper 8×11 inch Q-snap to work this project comfortably. I need to hem my fabric edges, though. Perhaps I’ll pull the sewing machine out this weekend to take care of that.

I’m pleased.  This piece is working quickly, and it’s been a very fun stitch.

Good night,


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Day Eight: Exhaustion

I didn’t stitch today.

I had every intention of doing so, but from the moment I woke up, my head was in one of those horrid not-awake-enough fogs.  I fought all morning to feel better with more coffee, then a good lunch… and nothing was kicking the feeling.

Erich generally takes Max upstairs after lunch for a nap, and today was no different.  About a half-hour after they went upstairs, I decided to join them.  Both boys were asleep on the bed.  I just crawled in and crashed out.

I woke up three hours later (the same time as Max did).  I guess today was a sleep catch-up day.

The rest of today has been a battle of laundry, getting Max in the bath (and keeping an eye on him), supper, and now preparations for bedtime myself.  Erich’s upstairs getting Max to bed.  We’ll watch the new episode of Outlander, I’ll take a shower, and then sack out.

Since I didn’t stitch today, I’ll revisit one of the many Stitcher Blogging Questions from a WIPocalypse check-in that I never answered.  This one comes from October 2016:

What pattern (or designer) is on your must-try-to-stitch bucket list?

I have one of each.

The first – a pattern, is And They Sinned from Examplar Dames Design Co.  I think this is one of those bucket list projects that I’ve looked at for years, but it is so insanely big.  I have seen a version of it completed, and it’s stunning.  Absolutely stunning.  And absolutely huge.  I mean, my goodness – the cut of linen listed at Traditional Stitches is only about 10 inches shorter than I am.

The other, a designer, is Long Dog Samplers.  I love the blend of traditional and modern.  The big group “if you can survive it” stitch-a-long piece is Death by Cross Stitch, which I do have on my list to do.  I have the chart for Bhyr Deeze in my stash with all of the DMC, and planned on starting it years ago… and then a baby happened.  So that’s somewhere on the list, too.

As you can see… I’m an unrepentant Big Ass Project (BAP) lover.  The upside – they’re absolutely beautiful when completed.  The downside- they take me forever to do, so I have fewer finishes.

Back to work tomorrow, but since it’s a school holiday, I’m hoping to take an actual lunch hour since many folks will be out in my office.  Maybe I’ll get some stitching done at lunch!

Good night,



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