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2012 Year-long Goals

For 2012, I’ll be participating in two challenges. One is the Wipocalypse, which I’m hosting here on my blog.  The other is Crazy January 2012 in two locations, hosted by Niina and via a Facebook Group.  All of my Crazy Challenge pieces will become part of my Wipocalypse list once started.

Crazy January 2012

 (I’m in two different groups, but will be using the same pieces for both SALs)

Jan 1 – Deep Blue Sea – Mystery XV (Chatelaine)
Jan 2 – I Love New England (Sampler Needlework)
Jan 3 – Take a Stitch Tuesday (year long freestyle sampler SAL via Pin Tangles)
Jan 4 – Cowboy Cats (Dimensions)
Jan 5 – Nantucket Sampler (Medeiros Needlecraft)
Jan 6 – Hearts of America: Montana (Victoria Sampler)
Jan 7 – Everyone Brings Joy (Waxing Moon)
Jan 8 – Inn at Fox River Mill (Little House Needleworks)
Jan 9 – Dance of the Summer Solstice (Mari MacDonald/Whispered by the Wind)
Jan 10 – Pocketful of Peppermint (Blue Ribbon Designs)
Jan 11 – Leaping Cat (La-D-Da)
Jan 12 – Welsh Bookmark (Heritage Textiles)
Jan 13 – Mirror, Mirror (Abby Lane Designs)
Jan 14 – Stars of Winter (Charland Designs)
Jan 15 – Dragonflies, Ladybugs and Bees (M Designs)



(Yeah… I have a lot going on.  And I’m aware I have a Wentzler problem!)

First, I’m adding everything above.  Then the rest of the list:

Cats on a Staircase (Kooler/Bucilla) – also part of The Oldest UFO SAL
Smoky Mountain Cats (Pegasus)
Apache Wedding Blessing (Kooler Design)
Walk in the Woods (Cricket Collection)
2011 Mirabilia RR – finish my square & the piece
Astrology Sampler (Witches Stitches)
Witchy Washy (Raise the Roof)
Book of Ink Circles, aka BoInk (Ink Circles)
Muse of the Midnight Sun (Heaven and Earth Designs)
Four Seasons of Mystic (Jeannette Douglas)
Floral Bellpull (Teresa Wentzler)
Egyptian Sampler (Teresa Wentzler)
Legends of the Dragons (Teresa Wentzler, Dragon Dreams, Black Swan)
Noah’s Ark (Teresa Wentzler)
Fantasy Triptych (Teresa Wentzler)
Millennium (Teresa Wentzler)
Magical Night (Teresa Wentzler)
Snowball Fight (Dragon Dreams)
Witches Wheel (Glendon Place)
Elemental Dragons (Dragon Dreams)
Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe (Little House Needleworks) – Completed 4/20/12!
2007 Floral RR  – finish my square and the piece
Peace Angel (Lavender & Lace)
Castle 2.0 (Teresa Wentzler) – doubtful I’ll do anything with this in 2012

It’s a lot, but I’m very hopeful I’ll make some great progress!  *crossing fingers*


2011 Year-long Goals

This was my January 2, 2011 entry…

I expect the majority of my money to be going to updating the house this year, so I expect the majority of my free time this year is going to be spent stitching on round robins or on pieces I already have in progress (or have kitted).  I probably am being a bit outlandish with goals, but hey… dream big, right?

My current WIPs and UFOs are:

Cats on a Staircase (Bucilla)
Apache Wedding Blessing (Kooler Design)
Egyptian Sampler (Teresa Wentzler)
Magical Night (Teresa Wentzler)
Floral Bellpull (Teresa Wentzler)
Astrology Sampler (Witches Stitches)
Legends of the Dragons (Teresa Wentzler, Dragon Dreams, Black Swan)
Spring Queen (Mirabilia)
Noah’s Ark (Teresa Wentzler)
Walk in the Woods (Cricket Collection)
Garden Samplers (Prairie Schooler)
Witchy Washy (Raise the Roof)
Fantasy Triptych (Teresa Wentzler)
Millennium (Teresa Wentzler)
Elemental Dragons (Dragon Dreams)

My Guilt Free January starts will be:

I Love New England (Sampler Needlework)
Witches Wheel (Glendon Place)
Leaping Cat (La-D-Da)

Round Robins this year:

UFO RR Sept 2010 – (ongoing) will finish in October
Mirabilia RR – starting in February
UFO RR Q1 2011 – starting in February or March

Other pieces I’d love to start this year:

Muse of the Midnight Sun (HAED)
Masquerade (Ink Circles)
Pocketful of Peppermints (Blue Ribbon Designs)
Sleepy Hollow (Glendon Place)
Autumn in the Square (Just Nan)

So in looking over things, these are my goals for the year:

1) Finish one Teresa Wentzler project on my WIP/UFO list.

2) Finish three other pieces (any designer) on my WIP/UFO list.

3) Aside from my GFJ starts, I will only start a project for each two that I complete (ornaments don’t count toward this finish goal)

4) I will put in at least a round’s worth (10 hours) of stitches into each of my WIPs & UFOs this year via the Crazy 2011 Challenge.

5) Stitch on the RR’s as they come in so I keep up to date.

6) Attend two formal stitching retreats/shows (the plan is Stitcher’s Hideaway in Feb & Celebrations in May)

7) Go to each monthly RI Stitcher event

8) Organize all of my stash

I know… I’m crazy, aren’t I?

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