Stitchy Stash – Unkitted

This is a list of all of the charts I have that I haven’t begun kitting… they’re on the “Someday” list. They’re listed by designer or publisher.

All of the other stash, listed by designer/publisher.

Cantata (Abbey Lane Designs)

Arelate Studio
Victorious Griffin
A Luxuriance of Lions
Fanfare & Flourishes

Kitty Cat Row (Bent Creek)
Daffodil (Black Swan)

Blue Ribbon Designs
Blessed Beyond Measure – Stitch Starters
Frolic in the Foliage
Red Birds for Peace
Creepy Crawly
Black Cats and Flying Bats

Church on a Hill (Brenda Keyes)
Christmas Eve (Brightneedle)
Britty Pets (Brittercup Designs)

Calico Crossroads
Boot Camp
Santa’s Surprise
Pur 4
Hole in One
Cheat the Devil
Holly Mittens
Share Your Heart
The Gift
Chicky Bauble

Scottish Needlebox Cover (Cats Cradle Needleworks)

Cross My Heart
Fire Dragon
Earth Dragon

Spider Biscornu (Deb Burk)

Snow Leopard Cubs
Frosty’s Welcome
The Enchanter
Midnight Enchanter
Barnyard Roosters
Holiday Pals

Dimples Designs
Wee Beasties II
Wee Beasties V

Dragon Dreams
Fantasy Wedding Blessing
Why Hoard Gold?
Imagination Creation

All Hearts (Elizabeth Designs)
In the Meadow (Glory Bee)
Ghool School (Glendon Place)
Friendship in the Language of Flowers (Green Apple)
Gumleaf (Gumleaf Stitch Designs of Australia)

Heaven and Earth Designs (HEAD)
QS Pirate
Magic Witch

Ho Ho Ho (Homespun Elegance)
Masquerade (Ink Circles)

Jeanette Crews
Cattitudes 10th
Cattitudes 11th
Cattitudes 13th
Fat Flakes

Prickly Pear Scissors Fob (Jeanette Douglas)
Subversive Cross Stitch(Julie Jackson)
Follow the Needle (Just Nan)
Dance of the Roses (Lavender & Lace)

Lavender Wings
Dreamer’s High
A Sampler for All Seasons
And a Partridge…
Buttoned Up

Leisure Arts
Home is Where the Cat Is (large version)
United in Love
Quick & Spooky
Flower Garden for Fingertips
Hardanger Embroidery (book)
Tales of Haunted Hollow

Lizzie Kate
Dear Santa, I Can Explain…
Cat Lessons for People

M Designs
Survivor Tree Ornament
Butterfly Band Sampler
The Sun Sets

Nantucket Sampler (Medeiros Needlecraft)

Lady of the Mist
Garden Beauty
Autumn Queen
The Kiss
Shakespeare’s Fairies
Morning Glory
Queen of Freedom

A Victorian Pincushion (Morning Glory Needleworks)
Give Me the Cookie (My Big Toe)
Little Christmas Tree (Needle Craft World)
Peppermint Truffle (Needlework Finishing/Dawn Boisvert)
White Square Doily (Nordic Needle)

Pegasus Designs
Mabry Mill
Stephanie’s Cats

Spring Has Sprung (Prairie Grove Peddler)
Thine is the Trick and the Treat (Prairie Moon)
Yellow House Sampler (Praiseworthy Stitches)
Raise the Roof
Have an Ice Day

My True Love Gave to Me (SamSarah)
Jenny Bean’s Halloween Sampler (Shakespeare’s Peddler)
World Peas (Sisters & Best Friends)

Stitcher’s Hideaway
Merry Mystic Tree
Some of my Best Friends are Flakes!

Stitchy Kitty
The Cat Did It!
Willy’s Gift

Malcolm the Moose (Stitchworks)

Sue Hill Designs
Stitcher’s Days of Christmas
Loves Me
Rhode Island State Map

I have to Scream!!! (Sunflower Seed)
Happiness is Being… (Sweetheart Tree)

Teresa Wentzler (ahem… let me roll up my sleeves here…)
Lady of Shallot
Castles by the Sea
Fruit Quartet
The Minstrel
Tea Scene
Autumn Faerie
Spring Faerie
Nativity (loose chart)
Celestial Dragon
You Were Hatched
Fruit Bellpull
Carousel Horses (complete set)
Castle & Dragon
Castle & Unicorn Petites
Wool Cross: Fruits
Wool Cross: Flowers
Wool Cross: Rose Tree
Peaceable Kingdom

Best of Fantasy Collection; includes:
Magical Night
The Castle Sampler
Stroke of Midnight
The Castle

Christmas Collection; includes:
Angel Procession
Winter Faerie
Winter Carousel Horse
Byzantine Ornaments
Father Winter
Christmas Wreath
Angel of Frost

Best of Fantasy II Collection, includes:
Celestial Dragon
The Guardian
Fantasy Triptych
Peacock Majesty
Gentle Creature
Castle Ridge
Above the Clouds

Sampler Collection, includes:
Birth Announcement
Camelot Sampler
Christmas Sampler
Heart Sampler
Harvest Sampler
English Cottage Sampler
English Garden Sampler
Fantasy Sampler
Wedding Sampler

Legends of the Spellcasters (Teresa Wentzler, Dragon Dreams & Black Swan)

Textured Treasures
Celtic Millennia
Cape Breton Christmas

Katie’s Eggs (Told in a Garden)
Tis the Season (Trail Creek Farm)
Victoria Sampler
Gifts of the Magi #3 – Myrrh
Gifts of the Magi #2 – Gold
Birthday Bellpulls #1 (Sept-Dec)

Waxing Moon
Simply Christmas
Bittersweet Witch Hat
The Most Patterns
Pumpkin Pie

Whisper in the Wind
Dance of the Summer Solstice
Andromeda the Chained Maiden
Dance of the Vernal Equinox
Purrfect Day for Lemonade

Witches Stitches
Ankh of Life
Isis Sophia

Unknown (aka I need to grab them and verify designers)
Amanda Roberts 1823

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